How to Make Salted Duck Eggs (Itlog na Maalat)

salted eggs

Ever wondered why “itlog na maalat” is salty? Hmmm…I’m wondering why some of the ladies started to smile. I’m not talking about the other “itlog na maalat”, please let me make this clear just to be sure that everyone is with me. What I’m talking about are the red salted duck eggs that we usually eat along with “Kamatis” (tomatoes) and are sometimes placed on top of Special Puto (rice cakes). I hope that we are all in the right track now.

Salted duck eggs are not only made and sold in the Philippines. In fact, the Chinese were the first ones to do the procedure. They make the duck eggs salty by soaking it in brine or placing each egg in damp salted charcoal. However, the ingenuity and creativeness of the Filipinos led them to create their own method of salting duck eggs. This method involves the use of clay or “putik” mixed with salt and water.

The duck eggs are soaked in the clay mixture then cured for quite some time. The curing process takes several days wherein the eggs are placed in trays and stocked in a temperature regulated room. This process actually lets the egg absorb the salinity from the clay mixture. Once the eggs absorb the right amount of salt needed, they are boiled and painted.

During this times, technology plays an important role in learning. Everyone can just sit in front of the computer and absorb information from the internet. Since I don’t have any videos of making salted eggs, I tried to look for one in Youtube. This will help you understand the process:

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  1. I am not a tagala and can barely understand Pilipino, it will be very helpful if you can at least confirm the basics of making salted eggs? e.g. the general proportion of salt to water is 1 salt to 2 water,let sit in brine for 20 days, then boil eggs for 1 hr? I have been experimenting with salting eggs, but proportion is guessed, longer it sits in brine, the more salty it is. I only have tried to make 5 eggs which is how big my glass jar will hold – no clay.

  2. dina mandaya says:

    can u show how to make itlog n maalat pls,thanks.

  3. Dexter says:

    mmmm… itlog na maalat. my fave. nice blog you have here. keep the recipe’s coming.

    it’s my first time to live independently and i need to improve my cooking skills. AND i’m running out of ideas on what to cook next.

    thanks really. next project, the sauted togue. :)