Leche Flan Recipe

Leche Flan (also known as crème caramel and caramel custard) is a dessert made-up of eggs and milk with a soft caramel on top. This dessert is known throughout the world (especially in Europe) and has been in the dessert menu of most restaurants because of its convenience in preparation and long shelf life.

In the Philippines, Leche Flan is the top dessert of all time. During celebrations such as parties and town fiestas, the dining table won’t be complete without it.I remember the Leche Flan that my Lola Belen makes when I was still living in Las Pinas. It really tasted so rich and heavenly; everyone in our family always requests her to make leche flan during special occasions. As for me, I’m still lucky because my wife knows how to make a good one too (this is actually her recipe). If I did it my way (not the song…please), you might be having Leche Flan that tastes like Egg Pie instead.

Leche Flan

We were trying to search for a llanera or the oblong shape tin container that is normally used to make Flan in the Philippines, but we cannot find one from our local stores. We ended up getting a round baking pan online. It was worth it though, and we were able to make many delicious cake varieties from it too.

Try this Leche Flan Recipe and let me know what you think.

Leche Flan Recipe
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 6
  • Serving size: 6
    Prep time: 
    Cook time: 
    Total time: 
    • 10 pieces raw eggs
    • 1 small can condensed milk
    • 1 cup fresh milk (or evaporated milk)
    • 1 cup granulated sugar
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract
    1. Using all the eggs, separate the yolk from the egg white (only egg yolks will be used).
    2. Place the egg yolks in a big bowl then beat them using a fork or an egg beater
    3. Add the condensed milk and mix thoroughly
    4. Pour-in the fresh milk and mix well
    5. Put the mold (llanera) on top of the stove and heat using low fire
    6. Put-in the granulated sugar on the mold and mix thoroughly until the solid sugar turns into liquid (caramel) having a light brown color. Note: Sometimes it is hard to find a Llanera (Traditional flan mold) depending on your location. I find it more convenient to use individual Round Pans in making leche flan.
    7. Spread the caramel (liquid sugar) evenly on the flat side of the mold
    8. Wait for 5 minutes then pour the egg yolk and milk mixture on the mold
    9. Cover the top of the mold using an Aluminum foil
    10. Steam the mold with egg and milk mixture for 30 to 35 minutes.
    11. After steaming, let the temperature cool down then refrigerate
    12. Serve for dessert. Share and Enjoy!


    Watch the cooking video:


    1. Hi There, this looks like a delicious simple dessert and i am sure to try it soon. i was just wondering if it is possible to bake it in the oven because i dont have a steamer. if it is possible can you tell me the temperature please? Salamat po :)

    2. can i use vanilla essence instead of vanilla extract?

    3. Sheila says:


      You said in the previous comment you baked it using the oven. May I know the temperature and how long will it take?

      Thank you and awesome website very helpful for Pinoys abroad more power to you guys!!!

    4. che belo says:

      oh, too much excitement that i forgot to send my gratitude! thank you very much!!!

    5. che belo says:

      hello! i just stumbled in this site searching for how to cook leche flan, i did it a while ago, now i placed it inside of ref. and all we have to do is wait. im really excited with the outcome! i hope it is mouth watering delicious as yours! now, i will ‘favorite’ your site kasi pinasimple mo ang masasarap na luto para sa mga kagaya namin newbies

    6. abby wallis says:

      Hi. What’s the size of the milk. Sorry as i am a beginner in the kitchen

    7. Hi… in this recipe instead of steam can i cook it in oven (baked)? shall i put aluminum foil? and what time is the cooking time?

      • Hi. That is exactly what I did in the video presentation. I used the word steam (although an oven was used), but technically I was baking it.

    8. brix peralta says:

      you’re a legend bro tried to cook it in my food and hospitality class in year 12 its my first time to do it thats why i visited your site to check out how its done. In trying to introduce some of the filipino’s dessert and they really love and my teacher says that its perfect and thats the first tine she saw that kind of dessert. im so proud to be filipino thumbs up bro

    9. Harry Oznat says:

      I tried to follow exactly amount of ingredients the recipe called for. The recipe needs 10 pieces raw eggs, but the video tutorial shows only 9 egg yolks, are we reserving the other one for use somewhere? Thanks for your clarification.

    10. Hi Nur, I am using US cup in all the recipes here. I tried to google its volume in milliliters and it turned out to be 236.588 ml. The 240 ml. cup is the way to go.

    11. Doris Tolentino says:

      what will happen to the egg whites , is it can be using in other recipe can you give me a recipe that I can be used it?

      • Doris, you can use the egg whites to do other dishes. I simply use the whites as fried eggs every morning for a high dose of protein. You can also it to make omelets.

    12. Alejandria says:

      You’re an angel!!!!! We tried lots of Leche flan recipe, but always a failure. When we tried your recipe last New year(2014), its the BEST! We tried it again because we thought its tsamba lang, but its not. No lumps, not too sweet, creamy taste. Thank you :-) My Family is super happy.

    13. rey domingo says:

      It’s my first time to visit the site and I find it very easy and turned out a good tastebuds satisfier!
      I love this site!

      Thank you for the recipe

    14. Ma'am Connie says:

      I enjoyed watching your videos and looking at some recipes here that are really so easy to follow. I hope I can try these recipes when I have time… Keep on posting more..

    15. juz wonderin’ wat will happen if i will not separate the egg white and the yolk? will it still be a flan? thanks!

    16. i love your recipes and i constantly try them. can you please come up with a capampangan tamales recipe? they are the best!

    17. Thank you so much! I did the exactly what you said and tastes sooo goood! This is my first time to cook this and my sister & my nieces love it! Thank you ulit kuya Vanjo! ^_^ more power to you! I’ll always visit your whenever I need it! Hahaha!

    18. Posh Kammish says:

      Hi planning to bake this in the oven, since I don’t have a steamer. What is the temperature & the baking time? I will b using a leche flan oblong mold “llanera”. It’s been sitting in my cabinet & thought I would finally use it.

    19. Eugene, Soy milk can be an alternative. However, this can affect the outcome in terms of taste — but it is still tolerable.

    20. hi! is it possible of not including in the ingredients, i mean the vanilla syrup?

    21. Thanks for the recipe. I like your instructional info it’s simple and looks easy to make. Can’t wait to make some leche flan.

    22. oyoyoyoyoyoy says:

      what’s the measurement of the fresh milk or evaporated milk ? And if i’ll cook this in the oven, is there anything that i need to do ?

    23. Daisy D. Huhges says:

      i love cooking and your website always gives me the best idea on how and what. Thanks to you.

    24. recil samonte says:

      nice and easy, i find it very helpful while preparing leche plan, i was so nervous because my mother in law will visit us, and i need to prepare dishes and desert as well, your website is a great help ..more power .. thanks

    25. Virginia Ballester Biermann Madsen says:

      Thanks a lot for this wonderful desert recipe.

    26. elizabeth ducut says:

      I tried this recipee last night and it’s a success! just added some lemon rinds on top before puting on to steam. the waiting hour for the caramel to totally melt is worth the wait thou. I’d like to try adding some bits of jackfruit next time to add flavors just like my mother-in-law’s way.

      thanks for sharing!

    27. i want to eat leche plan
      it is so very yummy

    28. hi, if i’ll cook this in the oven, should i cover the leche flan with aluminum foil? thanks alot

    29. Thanks for the tips jen. Keep them coming.

    30. oh so tasty!! my first time and i am now following your recipes so simple to follow since i am beginner and been here in uk for 3months..amazing website for filipinos who are beginners and living in abroad. more power!!

    31. maritess says:

      hi…. i like the way you cook kasi it so easy to follow. i like panlasang pinoy. more power to you

    32. Can I use fresh milk instead of condense?

    33. linda bautista says:

      I’ve tried many version ofleche plan recipes, but this one is the perfect recipe for me. Hurray!I am an employee retiree now, so i have lots of time to cook and bake. Thank you

    34. This is such a helpful website both for Filipinos and foreigners alike. I am married to a Mexican woman and we both love cooking. And she asks me to cook certain Filipino foods that she loves. I love your website for that! Keep it up! More power to you.

      Mike M

    35. christian Allarde says:

      It is so ironic, because I have never been much of an egg eater. But I do like a good Leche Flan. I think every Filipino loves a good Leche Flan especially when you go to a Filipino Party, in almost every Filipino party there’s always for dessert ube and Leche Flan. Someone’s always going to bring or make Leche Flan. I don’t know a Filipino Party that doesn’t have Leche Flan or Ube. Anyways it was my first time to make Leche Flan and I have to say it wasn’t really difficult as I thought it might be, it takes a lot of mixing and stirring and if you have right you will ome up withevery time the most ymmuiest leche flan. Leche Flan is I guess the Filipino version to pie in America. Because I think when we go to a Filipino party that’s the first thing a look for in the dessert category. If a Filipino party doesn’t have it then a Filipino party isn’t just complete without it. I think if it is a birthday party, besides the birthday cake itself I think Leche Flan is one of the most favorite dessert in any Filipino birthday party next to ice cream, ube or fruit salad if they have.

    36. jhenny says:

      i love cooking..thanks to this site!! ^_^

    37. jaynieBabii says:


      i was wondering, if i can use a cupcake mold in replace of a llanera, will it cook if i steam the flan in it? or should i put it in the oven so it would cook?

      any suggestions?


    38. Looks good! I’ll try this tomorrow <3

    39. Katherine says:

      hi! =( im not sure if i did it correctly. but i did and followed the ingredients measurement and the procedure.. well, i really haven’t tasted it yet, but when my hubskie, tried to poke the flan, and taste it, he said it taste like egg! did i do something wrong? please reply i need help.. this is my 1st time to make this! :((

    40. hi! i made this yesterday and i realized that it’s too soft… can i put it back in the steamer?

    41. Jane Young says:

      Gosh, Who are you Mr. PP Chef?? I am becoming a fan of this wonderful website. You make this fave. dessert of mine seem easy to do but I tell you I tried many friends recipe of this famous dessert (with matching Grand Marnier liqueur mixture on it) I still cannot find the perfect softness, jiggling jello-ish, juiciness, and richness like the one I had in my Grandma’s barrio fiesta or X’tening when I was a child and I just gave up. I will try all of my favorite pinoy recipes here. Thank You :)

    42. i’ll try to make my own leche flan today…hope ended up and taste like yours bro…

    43. i don’t have also steamer at home so i tried using metal pot stand & put it inside the casserol.it just the same.well thank u for this recipe i’ll try this some other time.

    44. you can also add a little bit of water when doing the caramel syrup instead of granulated sugar alone.try for yourself its just an option

    45. eileen says:

      I made a perfect leche flan because of your recipe !!!!! Thank you so much!!!

    46. Thank you so much! You’re so good! Take care

    47. very nice.and very informative.thanks:)

    48. Hi,

      Thank you for sending your recipe to me. I would like to know how many llanera (and what size) yielded in this leche flan?

      I also wanted to know if it’s ok to put some drop of lemon to counter the so sweet flavor and add aroma of leche flan?


    49. Hi,

      I would like to know how many llanera (small, medium or large) yielded in 10 pcs. of egg’s mixtures?

      Thank you for sending me always your recipe but I hope you could give the total yield and the nutrients, dietary goodness it will give to the consumer.


    50. lito r.garcia says:

      im sure this one could also be a big hit

    51. jasmine says:

      thanks alot and more power to panlasang pinoy.. i visit this site almost everyday to know how to cook filipino foods :)

    52. thankz 4 the recipe, GOD BLESS.

    53. littlemakz says:


    54. Gloe Jamelo says:

      I really can’t help myself not to say thank you for panlasang pinoy. my family were so proud of my cooking especially my husband. Thanks to you chef…more power and God bless…

    55. Hi,

      I had been trying this with the egg whites. I tried to use katsa and perahps – use my hands as well. I tried to put it overnight in the ref – in the coolest part and steamed it the next day. Beware though because transferring it to the moulds can also cause bubbles. So let it rest for a few minutes before steaming. I will try the kalamansi rind as well. I used milkmaid for the condense – try it – it’s less sweet than the other products here in Manila

    56. major major says:

      Hi lizza,

      You can use the egg whites to make the texture a bit firmer. Some ppl kasi prefer a much firmer flan. The more of the egg whites you use, the firmer the flan. I usually only use 7 large eggs (instead of the 10 this recipe calls for and half the sugar). And out of that I include the equivalent of 1 to 2 egg whites. I prefer a flan that is much firmer on my halo halo so I add more. Use the leftover egg whites to make meregue na lang. I hope this helps!

    57. Hi! Im your no.1 fan of Panlasang Pinoy. Thank you so much for giving time sharing your knowledge in cooking Filipino dish. Good luck and may God bless you. . . .

    58. Thanks for sharing your recipes.. I made my husband happy with your help..

    59. thanks so much! I’m learning a lot from you, keep it up.

    60. qtchinita11 says:

      Hi there. Is it possible to use a rice cooker to steam the egg mix in the mold?

    61. renka of NL says:

      Hi, im back in Holland and i just want to tell you that my british mother in law likes the leche flan and she wants me to make it again for the BBQ party:)thanks to you!!!

    62. hi! I would like to know what kind of molding or llanera did u use for this leche flan kasi di sya katulad nung typical llanera. and Where could i buy it? It looks sturdy enough for you to be able to make the caramel on stove top w/it.

    63. Julirose says:

      during the holidays it has already been a hobby of mine to make some leche flans. Next christmas i would surely try your recipe and hope it would turn out good! 😀

    64. thanks for the recipe. what do you do with the egg whites though? any recommended recipe for that?

    65. melody says:

      i like your steamer…where can i buy? what brand?

    66. Gerald Llave says:

      Thanks for all the recipes that you had published. It’s been a pleasure to having you in my kictchen. My wife and kid love your recipes sooo much.
      Keep up the good work and publish NEW recipes online like Beef Kaldereta,
      If you have one….


    67. you will not be able to pathom how much i love your blog, amazing.
      if i can only fly to chicago right know, just to shake your hand!
      you are very much appreciated here in northridge,ca.
      i tried making your leche flan yesterday…success :)

    68. I just tried this few hours ago! and its really yummmy! Im going to try you Max’s style chicken tomorrow!

    69. i tried making ur leche flan recipe but instead of steaming it i placed it in the oven.. i placed my lianera in a bigger tray half filled with hot water then baked it…the testure is much better…

    70. How many ml is the small can of condensed milk? We kind have a really small can here and a medium one like the one (I think) you’re using. Thanks!

      • Elle, I’m not really sure as to how many ml is a can of condensed milk but what I know is it weights 14 ounces or 396 grams. It should be indicated on the label of the can.

    71. renka of NL says:

      HI, i made the leche flan perfect!!!haha and my husband likes it a lot and me too:) but i have a question, can i use a self rising flour for making a buttered puto and chicken empanada? i cant find baking powder here in netherlands,pls.reply i’m waiting:) thank you.

    72. Hi Vanjo,thanks to your wife for sharing her recipe.This is my all time favorite.Leche flan was an entry to a national tv cooking show here in England and Brits loved it!I guess somehow we were able to reached out and proved them that Filipino cooking can be as good as any other countries has to offer….You’re almost there:)

    73. Kathy R. Fadrigalan says:

      thanks for ur recipe, my daughter really loves it! though, i want a smoother texture, how can i get rid of the bubbles.. thank u so much! i also love the video ‘coz it really help me since i didnt know how to cook.. whenever i want to cook or try something special for my hubby and daughter i’ll just look up from ur site.. thanks much..

    74. I also add a drop or two of vanilla extract when making the caramel. Then I mix all the flan ingredients in a blender while cooling the caramel then pour it in, saves time and easier clean up. Also, let is settle to get rid of the bubbles. I normally use oven to cook the flan, i just put them in a water bath and cover with foil. Sometimes i add half a teaspoon of shredded lemon or orange peel for variations. Also, you can make this with out any egg white to make it creamier.

    75. I also add a drop or two of vanilla extract when making the caramel. Then I miss all the flan ingredients in a blender while cooling the caramel then pour it in, saves time and easier clean up. I normally use oven to cook the flan, i just put them in a water bath. Sometimes i add half a teaspoon of shredded lemon or orange peel for variations.

    76. Its nice to hear from you again. Though it sounds efficient to steam both, I would still advice you to steam them separately. You wouldn’t want your leche flan to taste like embutido, right? Hope this helps.

    77. Alondra says:

      Fantastica! Keep it up!

    78. tnx po. i’ll cook it for my husband.

    79. Thanks sa Recipe, Kuya. Your site help me to make the Filipino Delicacy Yummy..It’s hard to be away from home..Thanks again! Keep going!

    80. Thanks for sharing your recipe. For someone like me who is far away from home, I get to cook Filipino dishes and with that, it makes me feel like home. I am definitely going to follow all of your Pinoy dishes and share to my husband and friends. I am sure they will love it!

    81. Hi!!!

      It was my first time to make leche flan and with your help, I made it perfect! I never knew that fresh milk was better than evaporated milk. Your recipe was really good. Many thanks!!!

      Rossy from Aussie

    82. hi.. Thank u for this video.. I’ll try this one.

    83. hi there!

      I am so pleased to see this cooking site. You’re doing a good job! I’m actually in Australia and really loving your site. Please continue to share your skills in cooking. It’s definitely helping a lot of people.

      More power!!!

    84. hi kuya, i will definitely try this one..coz leche flan is one of my favorites..thank u!

    85. Lheeza says:


      Hi again, i used to make leche flan even before but its tasted so sweet! but once i tried ur own recipe minus the vanilla essence but instead adding the lime’s skin, well it goes perfectly sweet & yummy and appreciated by my friends.
      Definitely gonna try this again…..and again……and againnnn.

      Next time i’ll try the cassava cake…this is making me so hungry!
      I’ll keep u posted! Thanks

      Thanks & regards,

    86. 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40 to 50 minutes Marie.

      • do i still nedd to put hot water in a tray before putting in the molds to the oven?thank you po,kuya!

    87. Hi! May I know if we can double or triple the recipe when mixing and just put it in separate molds for steaming? Thanks.

    88. angelyk says:

      i wanna try this one.. thank you

    89. Kuya,

      I love your posted recipe…this is a perfect recipe for leche plan. Kuya, I always make sure to visit your website for new recipe everyday so please always post recipe so often. I sometimes copied it and send to my brod and sister too. Thanks and more power.

    90. hi i was thingking of buying cook book but i tyhink i dont need it anymore after watching your program thanks and more power melca here from IRELAND

    91. for additional taste…you can also add a little of lemon zest or calamansi.suggestion lang po. Buti naman may mga ganitong site that can help or guide us in our cooking. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

    92. Thank you sam.

    93. Aj Carty says:

      i’ve been using oven ever since i started making this ….. 350 degrees for 1 and half hour ……the result is awesome…..

    94. Hi Aj, what did you do? You just mix all the ingredients and then put in the oven? I wanna try this using oven. Thanks!

    95. elizabeth ducut says:

      I tried this recipee last night and it’s a success! just added some lemon rinds on top before puting on to steam. the waiting hour for the caramel to totally melt is worth the wait thou. I’d like to try adding some bits of jackfruit next time to add flavors just like my mother-in-law’s way.

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