Corned Beef with Potatoes

Eating breakfast like a king is what I’ve been doing since I can remember. This improves my metabolism and fuels-up my day. There is nothing like a good Corned Beef meal for breakfast especially when served with garlic rice (sinangag): this is what I had just a few hours ago.

Do you know why it is called such even if corn is not used in making corned beef? Actually, corned beef refers to a method of curing beef which is also one of the oldest methods. This method uses grains of coarse salt that are called “corns”. Corned beef also comes in different arrays. Sliced corned beef is popular in North America while finely ground corned beef is the favorite in the Philippines.


I used a Filipino brand chunky corned beef (though it was imported from Brazil) for this meal. I’m not sure if you also do the same thing in cooking corned beef. I usually fry the potatoes first then set it aside while I sauté the onions. I add the beef with then let it stand for a while then put-in the fried potatoes and continue cooking everything for an additional minute or two. Sounds simple? – It is. When I wanted some sauce in it, I just add some water and stew the beef with some chopped potatoes.

Do you have other styles in cooking corned beef? Please share your ideas.


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  1. I also like to add some tomato sauce and garlic powder so I can eat this over rice…it’s so good!

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