Homemade Taho

Taho is a Philippine street food sold by peddlers known as “magtataho”. It is a soft gelatin-like snack made from processed soybeans topped with caramel and tapioca pearls (locally called sago).What we have here is a homemade version of this popular Filipino street food. Instead of processing soy beans, we will make use of extra soft tofu or soft silken tofu which is readily available in most major supermarkets. We will also be needing tapioca pearls and brown sugar to complete our list.

Homemade Taho Recipe

I got this idea after posting the Tahô article in our Pinoy Street Food category. A good friend from Michigan commented on Facebook (since all posted articles automatically generates an RSS feed in our Facebook page) informing us on how she usually does her homemade taho.

I am aware that making one is a labor intensive task especially on the soy bean processing part. Since I like doing things from scratch (which has its pros and cons), I never thought of looking for other alternatives. Who knew that using extra soft tofu is the answer – I honestly had no idea. This is one good example on how we benefit from your comments. To all those who commented and gave their suggestions and opinions, thank you. Please keep them coming.

Homemade Taho
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 3
  • Serving size: 3
    Prep time: 
    Cook time: 
    Total time: 
    • 22 ounces extra soft tofu
    • 1¼ cup brown sugar
    • ½ cup uncooked sago pearls (you can also make sago using this other sago recipe)
    • 4½ cups water
    1. Pour 4 cups of water in a cooking pot and bring to a boil.
    2. Put-in the tapioca pearls and cook for 40 minutes in medium heat.
    3. Add ¼ cup brown sugar and mix well.
    4. Turn off the heat and let the sago pearls sit on the cooking pot until room temperature is achieved. Set aside.
    5. Heat a saucepan then pour-in ½ cup of water.
    6. Put-in 1 cup of brown sugar once the water starts to boil. Mix well and simmer until the mixture becomes thick. Set aside.
    7. Transfer the extra soft tofu in a glass or mug then heat in a microwave oven for a minute.
    8. Top the extra soft tofu with the cooked tapioca pearls and sweet syrup.
    9. Serve warm. Share and Enjoy


    Watch the cooking video:

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    1. Diana Trinidad says:

      i love u kuya, lol…. thank you sooooooooooo much….

    2. Thanks for this recipe. I have been wanting to eat this for so long. I was lucky enough to have found soy pudding here where I’m staying. So it’s pretty much like the real thing and smells like it too.

    3. I love your website! Whenever i miss Pinoy food, I’ll immediately look into your site for recipes and I’m getting great feedbacks regarding my cooking skills…if they only knew! My friends and my husband enjoyed trying our food. I’m currently pregnant with my first child and one of the things I love to take for breakfast when I had my vacation in Manila was taho. Since I came back, I was missing it so much. Thank God, I found your recipe here. Thank you and keep on sharing more recipes!

    4. Instead of microwaving the tofu, could I steam it instead?

    5. BhABY_V says:

      can u still make taho if u dont have extra soft tofu?!

    6. Would like to try making this one at home. But since I cannot make one for now. I would go out and buy taho for snacks.

    7. hello thanks for the recipe says:


    8. thnks for the recipe.

    9. Hello poh!
      Thank God I found this website!! I remember this as my childhood treat which wasn’t long ago..
      Anyway this website makes me feel more close to my filipino roots :D
      Thanks once again!

    10. Hi Kuya van, hapunan Namin knina ung Kare kare then I make some Tahoe for dessert. Nagustuhan ng asawa ko po, thank u ng madaming madami.. GOD bless!!!

    11. Hi Kuya, gandang araw. Pede ko b gamitin ung tofu s walmart? Ung extra firm? Thank u po..

    12. hi kuya vanjoe dali lang pala nyan, maka gawa nga ng weekends para matikman ng asawa ko, im sure magugustuhan nya yan. more power and God Bless your family.

    13. amm….galing mo sir…pro pde po ba pakipost next tym ung mga amount or cost ng mga items na gagamitin…pra makapag canvas ba…hehehe!! ok lang po ba un?? thanx po more power!!!

    14. Tried this. Wonderful!!! I haven’t had Taho in 7 years. Wow. Love it! Thank you for sharing!

    15. kuya! ilang servings ang magagawa from the recipe ?

    16. I’ve just read your recipe for home made taho. I can’t wait to try it out! But please tell me what I can do if I don’t have a microwave oven to heat the extra soft tofu for a minute? What can I do instead? Is this step absolutely necessary?

      Thanks in advance for your reply!

    17. Hi! so i live in Saskatoon, Canada, where do you think can I buy extra soft tofu and tapioca pearls? My mom said theres no soft tofu @ walmart.

    18. connie lopez lee says:

      hi pOh,kapapanood ko lng ng homemade tahO nyo,and mukhang masaray,namiss ko yan~ask ko lng poh?sundubu ginamit nyo db?pede kaya gamitin ang yondubu?yondubu nga b yun~?uhmm~~dtoh din po me korea ^_^

    19. ask ko lng po.. yung sa pag gawa ng homemade taho, pano po kung walang microvawe oven.. pano po ang gagawin.

    20. i recently found/subscribed to your website. and for the last 2 weeks, i made the following for the very 1st time–thanks to your wonderful and easy to follow video instructions.

      i made your taho recipe last night. this is so good and so simple to make. i used the mini tapioca pearls instead of the regular sized ones (quicker to cook/make).

      i also made your polvoron recipe last week for my family. they loved it—and wants to me make more! i won’t probably wrapped them as they go so fast!

      i also made the bananaque last night. my husband loved it! i think this will be a regular merienda food on the weekends.

      the next one i want to try is the pastillas de leche. i found powdered goat milk—do you think this can work too?

      thank you so much for sharing!

    21. bubbles says:

      omgooodneeessss.. thank you so so much! I am so gonna try this!!!!

    22. Kuya,

      Please advise where can i buy that extra soft tofu (순두부)and anung name nung brand na yun here in Manila? And also the Hominy for binatog? We love your website and your videos! Ang galing mo po! Hope to hear from you soon my little 10 months baby can’t wait to try your taho recipe.

    23. galing mo talaga kuya you realy help me a lot pede nakong magtayo ng sariling carinderia dahil sayo sana meron kang fansclub day aatend talaga ko promise thank you more power to you and God speed to you and youre family

    24. Kristine says:

      Hi, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your taho recipe. I am so happy to find out how easy it is to prepare my favorite taho. My cousin and I were just searching online to find out where we can find taho here in Florida, thank goodness we I came across your site. We haven’t had taho in like ages!! Thank you so much, really appreciate it!! Your recipes are so helpful, more power to you and your show.

    25. hello!!! i am your new follower. ^^,

    26. Robert, di masama ang mangarap dahil ito ang magtutulak sayo para gawin ang dapat sa katuparan nito. Naniniwala ako na kayang kaya mo yan. Balitaan mo sa opening ng canteen mo. Goodluck!

    27. kuya.. san niyo po ba nakuha ung extra soft tofu??? i tried everywhere. walmart, publix, sweetbay, organic foodstore, pati sa mga online asian stores nag hanap ako. wala talaga, puro soft tofu lang.. T_T

      • Kristine says:

        You can find Silken extra soft tofu at either Walmart supercenter or Target. I don’t believe Publix carries them. I usually get mine from Target, by the produce section, it should say silken extra soft tofu.

    28. Hi po! ask ko lng kung required tlaga b imicrowave ung tofu? wala kase kme microwave :) thank you!

    29. You’re welcome, connie.

    30. hi pare…annyeong!!!
      im betskie here in korea lagi ko inaabangan mga new recipes na
      pinopost mo and nagkaroon ako ng interest sa homemade taho mo,though its a simple recipe e marami kc dto sa korea na tofu at yung gnamit mo (순두부)
      or unpressed tofu ay mura lang d2…kaya i enjoy tlaga kahit araw arawin…hahaha tnxpare at pls post more…

    31. hayyanah says:

      Hi Kuya,

      i was just telling to my friend that i am missing this Taho here in Middle east and just found out that its not kind of hard thing to do it. Thanks for posting this !!! Godbless and more power for your food recipes & advice more to come!!!

    32. can i use fresh tofu? wala po kasi ako makita extra soft tofu….and i do really love taho….please help me…..

    33. yummy!! sana meron akong mabili sa filipino store ng extra soft tofu

      • vanessa says:

        Hi Melanie – don’t think you can find it @ Filipino Stores, at least for me. But definitely in Japanese Markets.

    34. I tried this yesterday but had to redo the tapioca pearls & follow the cooking directions on the packaging. Then everything was perfect, tastes better than store bought. Thanks for the recipe!

      Can u post more veggie recipes please? Tnx again.

    35. I love, absolutely love Asian desserts. My Filipino coworkers would make all these delicious desserts for our potlucks and parties. This is a very simple recipe. I love tofu too!

    36. I love your style of cooking..I just made beef steak yesterday and my husband loved!!keep up the good work!!

    37. Simple and easy to prepare yet full of health benefits!

      • Hello!
        It’s so amazing to find your cooking website. I’m so impressed. You showed it so simple and easy to prepare our favorite filipino dishes.
        I was making TAHO ever since with the use of Soft Tofu when I came here to States 22 years ago. Taho is my favorite breakfast meal. I remember in the Philippines I always waited to hear “TAHO” outside the street in our house every morning and they do come back in the afternon for merienda. What I do here is just heat the soft tofu with water water and brown sugar at the same time in the microwave. Then, I have the best TAHO similar taste to the one we buy in the Philippines. I will try your procedure.
        I want to let you know that I truly enjoy watching all your cooking and it’s really great!