How to Debone a Milkfish

Requests for the procedure in deboning milkfish or Bangus are piling-up and I need to do something about it – pronto. Since I am not an expert on this topic, I took the time to search the internet for quality information that could satisfy everyone’s curiosity. Who knows, maybe this could be a good business opportunity for some of you out there.

What do I know about deboning milkfish? None – but I love to eat fried deboned milkfish though (Fried Bangus).

After a few hours of research, I think that I found a quality post that will surely feed your hungry minds. But before that, let me first share to you the lessons that I learned from the articles that I read so far.

  • Deboning Bangus or milkfish is a complex task. This is a skill that needs to be mastered; it requires time and a lot of practice.
  • If you think that manually cleaning a milkfish by removing the fins, innards, and scales is troublesome, wait till you see how the bones are manually removed piece-by-piece.
  • Complicated and hard as it may seem, this skill can be a good source of income for our business minded readers. Always remember that people will likely buy readily deboned Bangus rather than make one for their consumption – I am a living proof (I know that most of you are too).

The article that I was referring to was posted by Leo of EntrePinoys Atbp. I chanced by his blog after searching the topic in Google. By far, his procedure on How to Debone Bangus is the most useful and sensible post that I read.

I also searched YouTube for videos that can guide you on this topic. Here is what I got:

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  1. China_Blue says:

    thanks for sharing chef..

  2. pano mag-rellenong bangus? pls post…thank you

  3. thanks for sharing,,i’ll try this kasi nagdedebone ako,,end up durog durog ang bangus, i know how to debone properly:))

  4. to adela;
    makakabili ka ng bangus sa asia-laden or even sa mga indische or sri-lanka store.makikita mo sa freezer.good luck!

  5. thank you for sharing us this videos


  6. buti nalang nakita ko ito..ganun pala pag tanggal ng mga tinik nya ma try nga ..

  7. anung sabi mo walang bangus sa GERMANY? daming BAngus sa ASIALADEN ah, sabihin mo walang bangus na preso LOL

  8. ellen peck says:

    parang ito yung na-view ko noon, Vanjo! Sya ba yung nag-work muna sa Japan (not as an entertainer, ha!)? Kakabilib talaga sya! Hindi ko yata magagaya ang pagde-debone nya…kaya bumibili na lang ako ng Saranggani brand na deboned marinated bangus. Thanks nga pala sa walang sawa mong pag-research para mai-share sa ating mga kababayan.