Win $30 for Sharing Your Recipe

You read it right; you have a chance to win $30 just by sharing your recipe. Talk about some ways in making easy money from the internet, I guess this can be considered as one of them.

I know that most of you are great cooks – way even better than I am, for sure. This is my idea of breaking the ice and I encourage everyone to participate. Through this simple interaction, your great culinary works will be recognized and appreciated.

Please bear with me if you find the prize unattractive. You see, the amount will come-out from my own pocket. I’m sure that the prizes will get better and more contests will be launched if sponsors will come-in (see sponsorship benefits and details).

Here are the guidelines of this contest:

1. This is a friendly and free contest; everyone is invited to participate. You DO NOT have to pay for anything in order to join.

2. All recipes need to be submitted by completing the online form in the Share Your Recipe page. You may submit as many recipes as you want.

3. The recipe that you will be submitting does not need to be your original creation. If you are adopting a recipe from somewhere else, please mention your source so that proper attribution can be provided. If the recipe is your own version or creation (or your family’s version/creation), you may skip this step.

4. Only recipes with complete description and details will be accepted. The recipe must also include a photograph of the food described in the recipe. Make sure that you possess ownership of the picture/s (you personally took the picture of the food).

5. This is a monthly contest. It will run every month from October 4, 2010 to December 31, 2010.

Note: The contest period can be extended and can even be made bi-monthly or weekly depending on some factors (reader participation and capacity in providing prices). I will announce the outcome by mid December 2010.

6. Your submitted recipes will be published under the Shared Recipes category after verification. I have the right to ignore submitted recipes for any reason. There can be more than one (1) recipe published within the day depending on the number of submissions received.

7. I will personally select the best submitted and published recipe (only one recipe per week will be selected) for each week (A maximum of four (4) recipes will be chosen per month). The four (4) recipes chosen for the month will be placed in our poll all at the same time (located on the sidebar). I will notify everyone on my selected recipe every end of the week either through a post or through Panlasang Pinoy’s Facebook fan page.

Note: Selected weekly recipes are NOT entitled for any prizes YET. The prize will be given to the winning recipe of the month (see number 8).

8. The readers vote will determine the winning recipe of the month. Readers are encouraged to vote for the recipe of their choice through our online poll (located in the sidebar). The title of the recipe will be available in the poll from the first to the last day of the next month (the poll will close at exactly 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time).

For example: The four (4) selected recipes for the month of October 2010 will be available in the poll for voting from November 1 to 31, 2010 (PST).

9. The recipe that received the highest vote in the poll will be declared the winner of the month and will be eligible for the prize. If in case two or more recipes got the same highest score (tie), the poll will be extended for one hour (this can move-on for additional hour/s) until a winner emerges. I will be notifying the winner through email. I will also be publishing a post announcing the winning recipe of the month.

10. The prize will be sent online through PayPal. The winner must have a PayPal account to receive the prize (opening a personal PayPal account is free).

What are you waiting for? Share your recipes now!


Shared Recipes for Week 1 (Oct. 4 to 10)

Eunice’s Maruya
Cynthia’s Sugar-free Carrot Pandan Puto
Jennifer’s Breaded Chicken with Mango Sauce
Marilyn’s Kabsa
Eunice’s Pinaupong Manok sa Asin
Ann’s Quick Chicken Salad
Jen’s Summer Roll
Antonio’s Tuna Cream Cheese and Onion Spread

Selected Recipe of the Week (see num. 7  above): Cynthia’s Sugar-free Carrot Pandan Puto

Shared Recipes for Week 2 (Oct. 11 to 17)

Sarah’s Creamy Chicken Macaroni Soup
Jean’s Graham Mango Float
Jocelyn’s Chicken Curry
Cinniejen’s Puto de Ube

Selected Recipe of the Week (see num. 7  above): Sarah’s Creamy Chicken Macaroni Soup

Shared Recipes for Week 3 (Oct. 18 to 24)

Victoria’s Cheezy Pizza Pocket
Alvin’s Oven Baked Sea Bass

Selected Recipe of the Week (see num. 7  above): Victoria’s Cheezy Pizza Pocket

Shared Recipes for Week 3 (Oct. 25 to 31)

Genesee’s Baked Stuffed Potato
Hidemi’s Sushi Cake
Genesee’s Grilled Boneless Bangus in Pandan Leaves

Selected Recipe of the Week (see num. 7  above): Genesee’s Baked Stuffed Potato

Update: (Dec. 1, 2010)

The Winner of the $30 prize for the month of  October is Genesee’s Baked Stuffed Potato. Congratulations!!!

Note: Due to some unforseen circumstances, we weren’t able to publish submitted recipes for the month of November. These entries will be included in the December feature. The contest is still ongoing.

Submit your recipes NOW!!!


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