Sinangag na Dilis: What do you pair this with?

It has been over a year since I last tried cooking Sinangag na Dilis. As I shop for tuyo a few days ago, I noticed the dried anchovies (pinatuyong dilis) lying on the same rack. I thought that it is about time to make myself some crispy sinangag out of it – so, I grabbed a pack.

Cooking sinangag na dilis is similar to frying other dried fish; however, I always use less cooking oil (sometimes I use cooking oil spray to limit the oil). I always have this with garlic fried rice and some spicy vinegar such as sinamak or pinakurat. Simple isn’t it?

How about you? What do you pair Sinangag na Dilis with?


  1. I love it with talong that is boiled na hinamay tapos sinawsaw sa sukang may bawang.. uhhmmmmm… yummmmy.. morning, lunch, dinner.. it’s the best.. ^^

  2. for breakfast , garlic sinangag and fresh hot carabao milk or(whole milk)

  3. Anne Fish says:

    Definitely with champorado…a classic combo!

  4. I’ve learned to my mum this recipe the fried dilis fried it until crunchy then mix with slice cucumber,( onion, tomatoes , carrots ) chop very small , squeeze Some lemon , Put some chili if u like spicy,vinegar and salt to taste.. Yummy:-)! My husband love it as well.

  5. bianca.go says:

    i eat this as it is. or fry it with chili. voila! pulutan-ready. great with san mig light or red horse. :)

  6. this is how we cook it:

    sinang na dilis in a bowl with tomatoes and onions. and pour in hot water.

    wow sabaw!

  7. I like eating fried dilis with kinilaw nga rabanos.

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