Crispy Chicken Sandwich

I liked crispy chicken sandwich the moment I first tasted one. I felt like it’s the new way of conveniently eating fried chicken – between two slices of bread.

Mc Chicken Sandwich, Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich, and KFC Chicken Sandwich all tastes good and have the crispy texture that I always wanted. Because of my attachment to crispy chicken sandwiches, I decided to play with different recipes until I arrived at a recipe that stands above the rest.

This sandwich is a great idea for breakfast or lunch – even heavy snacks. The thing that I like most about this specific recipe is its simplicity. It is not complicated to make. All I needed was boneless chicken breasts, some salt and pepper, all purpose flour, egg, mayonnaise, and some sliced lettuce. Let’s not forget the Hamburger bun.

The trick to make the chicken breasts tender is to pound it using a kitchen mallet until it flattens a little bit. Once you know that the chicken is tender, it is time to start cooking. Start by seasoning the chicken with some salt and pepper; dipping it in the beaten egg mixture before dredging in flour; and deep frying until crispy. Once done, place it in between two slices of buns then add mayonnaise and lettuce. Simple isn’t it?

I know that you have your own way of making Crispy Chicken Sandwich. How about sharing it with everyone?

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  2. Natasha says

    AWESOME IT LOOKS scrumptious =) crispy chicken sandwich/burger is my all time fav. and the winner goes to superdog’s crispy chicken and mcdonald’s mcspicy !!

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