21 Dessert Recipes Perfect for the Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year: the holidays. This is the time of giving and sharing; a time to relax and be with our loved ones; a time to be thankful for all our blessings; and a time to indulge in delicious desserts without feeling the guilt.

Dessert Recipes Perfect for the Holidays

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The Holidays usually start from Christmas until the New Year. But for some, this starts a few weeks before Christmas and ends a few days after the New Year. Some of you might have had endless Christmas parties and family reunions overflowing with wine and food.

How was your Christmas like in your part of the world? I bet that there were plenty of good food and a lot of smiles and cheers. As for us, we missed white Christmas this year because we went to a warm place wherein we can enjoy nature and go fishing. It feels good to escape the cold weather once in a while.

The New Year is only a few days away. Do you have anything in mind for your Media Noche (New Year Dinner) dessert? It is absolutely fine if you do not have anything planned yet. I have some recommendations here that might interest you. Feel free to browse on our Holiday Dessert recommendations.

Enjoy the Holidays and share the Love!

  1. Brazo de Mercedes

  2. Vanilla Chiffon Cake

  3. Peanut Brittle

  4. Food for the Gods

  5. Brownies with Walnuts

  6. Chocolate Crinkles

  7. Leche Flan

  8. Chocolate Cupcakes

  9. Sugar Cookies

  10. Biko (Sweet Rice Cake)

  11. Oatmeal Cookies

  12. New York Cheese Cake

  13. Egg Pie

  14. Sweet Potato Pie

  15. Buko Pie (Young Coconut Pie)

  16. Chocolate Graham Cupcake

  17. Peanut Butter Cupcake

  18. Pichi-Pichi (Steamed Cassava with Grated Coconut)

  19. Espasol (Sweet Rice Flour Cake)

  20. Coconut Macaroons

  21. Peach Refrigerator Cake


  1. I love to learn how to cook, but I became more interested because panlasang pinoy showed the easy way of cooking all of my favorites sweets, delicacies and pinoy dishes. Job well done!

  2. actuall i tried ung 2 nsa list…i tried brazo de mercedez (on christmas) and buko pie (on new year)…i can say naging mganda ung resulta nya…i wanna say thank you panlasang pinoy coz kung wla i2ng site na i2 ndi q ma try na gmwa ni2…im still learning other recipes…and hope to improve my abilities in cooking…ur the best tlga panlasang pinoy…keep it up…more recipes to come :)

  3. mabuhay ang panlasang pinoy

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