Health Benefits of Ginger

Are you aware of the health benefits of ginger? Ginger is a root crop that is abundant in Asia. This is usually used as an ingredient for certain dishes, and it also makes a good tea. In fact, “salabat” is a Filipino tea made from ginger extracts. You might have heard about the common health benefits of ginger but below are the best ones. You’ll see how advantageous it is to include ginger in your diets.

Treatment for ovarian cancer

health benefits of ginger

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One of the most popular health benefits of ginger is its treatment for ovarian cancer. There are actually several studies done on this, but the most prominent one is the one made by the University of Michigan. According to this study, ginger promotes the death of cancer cells, giving women who have early ovarian cancer a good chance to survive the sickness.

Prevents colon cancer

Colon cancer, which haunts most of us because of our diets, can also be prevented by including ginger in our regular meals. This study was done by the University of Minnesota, and in this study, it was found that colorectal cancer cells grow slower when ginger is included in one’s diet.

Morning and motion sickness remedy

This is probably one of the age-old health benefits of ginger. Even our forefathers knew about this. Ginger is a good remedy for nausea. You can take it if you’re feeling motion sickness, and if you’re pregnant, it’s a very good remedy for morning sickness.

Pain and inflammation reduction

If you’re feeling any pain or inflammation in your body, you will also love one of these health benefits of ginger. Ginger, when drunk as tea could help to lessen pain and inflammation. It’s good for migraines as well as swelling caused by injuries or allergies. It’s also good to take ginger tea if you are experiencing menstrual cramps.

Relief for heartburn

Heartburn can be a real challenge. Some people take medicines for heartburn relief. If you have ginger in your kitchen shelf though, particularly the tea variant, it’s a good remedy or at least pain reliever for heartburn.

Cold or flu remedy

While there’s no sure remedy for the common cold, drinking warm ginger tea can certainly relieve your sore throat and clogged nose. It’s a common “cure” for flu and/or colds. You should have this in your shelf all the time if you want to beat flu and colds the natural way.

Prevention of kidney damage

According to certain studies, those who regularly drink ginger juice or tea are also less prone to kidney damage. These studies have been focused particularly on kidney damage caused by diabetes. Of course, the studies were conducted on diabetic rats, but it’s still a promising health benefit especially for those who fear complications of diabetes.

Where to find ginger

You can purchase ginger, the root crop, from any grocery store or wet market. You can mix it in with dishes and stews. Most people prefer purchasing the powdered form of ginger though which they can boil and drink as tea.


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