Common Baby Shower Food and How to Hype Them Up

Making your baby shower a success often depends on the kinds of food that you decide to serve, the theme you choose, as well as the decorations you put up. Baby shower food can be pretty predictable so it is important to think of ideas for how to hype up your choices in order to make your baby shower memorable.

Here are some baby shower food along with tips to make them more presentable:

Candy diapers

Your guests might really love ‘diapers’ filled with little wrapped candies. This baby shower food is created by folding the corners of pink and blue napkins so they look like little diapers, and putting the candies inside.

Fresh fruit and vegetable carvings

You may like to serve fruit or fresh baby vegetables as your baby shower food, and a nice way to hype up the presentation is to serve as skewers. Take ready-made fruit salad and present the skewers on a decorated platter, with some sweet dips such as melted chocolate. Likewise carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower can be chopped and skewered, then served with some tasty dips such as hummus, ranch dressing, guacamole or salsa. Serve alongside crackers with a cheeseboard decorated with grapes.
If you want to hype up your baby shower food fruit presentation carve out melons to look like baby strollers, serve the skewers or loose fruit inside.

Baby Shower Food
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Finger sized sandwiches and cookies

Sandwiches are a favorite baby shower food, and they can be made more appealing by cutting into dainty baby shapes, plus make your cookies look like little babies using a cutter or your creative talents!

Other popular baby shower food to consider cutting in the shape of babies include mini pizzas. Just keep everything small enough to pop into your mouth, so your guests don’t have to feel awkward eating huge portions.

Sausage in puff pastry (Baby in blanket)

Wrap mini sausages in puff pastry so they look like babies wrapped in a blanket and use food coloring to make little faces on the ends of the sausages.

Egg strollers

Hard boil your eggs and cut out a quarter section so they look like baby strollers, and rest on little sausages which act as the wheels.

Themed cake

It is possible to buy a ready-made Victoria sponge and ready-made frosting, then decorate with pacifiers, baby rattles and little toys, little plastic toys, depending on your planned theme.

Rubber ducky punch

Make your favorite drink in a big enough bowl and serve with little rubber ducks or other baby bath toys floating around, to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

Themed cupcakes

Everyone loves baby shower food cupcakes but they can get a bit samey. Use food coloring and ready-made tubes of icing for drawing baby faces, the initial of the mom to be, pictures of baby animals, little flowers. Save time by using a store bought cupcake mix.

Let us hear from you. Do you have other baby shower food ideas that you want to share?


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