Practical Camping Food Ideas

The most practical way to cook when you are camping is using a gas camping stove, or a charcoal grill. Some campers like to use a slow cooker. This is a great option if you have an electric hook up or other sources of electricity to plug it in.

Here are some practical camping food ideas that  are easy to make and taste delicious too. They can all be made using limited ingredients and cooking equipments.  They are filled with energy giving nutrients and are fun to eat — a good set of Camping Food ideas especially if you are camping with fussy eaters:

Filled croissants

Croissants can be gently eased open and used like a pitta bread, to fill with bacon, beans, or sweet fillings like barbecued banana. You can make a chicken stew for example and if the stew isn’t too wet, use the croissant as a holder. Kids love camping food ideas like croissants and will happily indulge in them for a change.

Camping Food Ideas

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Skewer fish or chicken plus chunks of vegetables such as zucchini, button mushrooms and bell peppers . Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with some salt and pepper. You can now place your kebab in the barbecue grill and enjoy them in the camp grounds.

Ground meat

Place ground beef, pork, lamb, turkey or chicken in a saucepan with onion, kidney beans, chopped carrot, crushed garlic and diced chillies. Let the pot simmer away on top of the stove until you are ready to eat. Serve with chunks of bread. Or, form the ground meat of your choice into patties and fry for burgers. All you needed are nice and warm buns to place the burgers in.


Eggs are filling and nutritious.  Have eggs over easy with some fried bacon for a great start to the morning, or try an omelet for lunch. Add some canned tuna and finely diced potatoes, plus some of your favorite ready shredded cheese.

Shredded cheese

A packet of ready-made shredded cheese can go a long way on a camping trip. This can be added to your omelets, used to make sandwiches, or sprinkled on top of camp-made ground beef burgers. Buying it in a resealable bag means less mess. It can last longer compared to shredding your cheese in the camp grounds.

Chicken wings, drumsticks, thighs

Rather than bringing a whole chicken, take the tastiest pieces, and rub with jerk seasoning. You can place this in the cooler until its ready to get cooked. When the time comes, all you need is to put this on top of the grill or roast in the camp fire. You can enjoy them anytime and anywhere — even if you do not have a dining table.


One of the simplest camping food ideas are roll-ups. Slices of meat and cheese along with some leafy greens like lettuce are rolled-up into one tasty snack.

Sausages and hotdogs

No camping trip would be the same without sausages and hotdogs.  Cook them in a pan as they are or remove the skins and form into little meat balls for frying up with a tin of tomatoes and add pasta to the same pan until cooked through. You can also skewer them and roast in the camp fire along with marshmallows.

Tortillas and wraps

Any camping food ideas that you have in mind can literally be wrapped in flour or corn tortilla — the choice is all yours. Eating wraps in the campsite can is practical in the sense that it does not need any plates or utensils. This saves you time in washing stuff or adding additional trash if planning to use disposable utensils and plates.

Instant foods

Noodles in pots, instant soups, dried pasta , canned meats and beans, and other ready to consume foods are recommended for camping. They can save you some time in cooking, and they do not get bad right away.

You might have more camping food ideas in mind. How about sharing them to us?


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