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Beef Mechado Recipe

Beef Mechado is a type of stew with tomato sauce. This dish is somewhat similar to other Filipino dishes such as the Kaldereta (caldereta), Estofada (or Estofado), and as well as the Afritada because of the base ingredient used (which is tomato sauce).  If we look closely, there are differences (aside from the name :) )such as the manner of cooking or preparation … [Read more...]

Review of Instapot IPDUO60 Multi Cooker

This is my in-depth review of Instapot IPDUO60 7-in-1 Multi Cooker. In this review, I put the unit unto a series of tests and I documented each of it by shooting videos and presenting every result. Note that there is an affiliate link below pointing to the site where you can buy the pressure cooker at a discounted price. I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase using … [Read more...]

25 Filipino Recipes to Enjoy with the Family

There is nothing more exciting than eating together as a family – sharing a meal that everyone loves – enjoying every little conversation. Family means everything for Filipinos. It is the center of everyone’s life. The best way to value the relationship is to have constant communication, do activities together, and share the blessings by enjoying our favorite meals – all … [Read more...]

Chicken Afritada Recipe

Do you like dishes cooked in tomato-based sauce? If you will be throwing the question back to me, I’ll definitely say YES. I adore stews in tomato sauce, pasta, and and other similar dishes. My most favorite Filipino food, pork menudo(this was my very first recipe post, by the way), is also cooked in tomato sauce.I asked the question because I observed that there are plenty … [Read more...]

Bon Voyage

Last friday, we threw a simple despedida (Farewell party) for our friend Tess, Noel, and baby Nathan. We all met with all our Filipino friends for a potluck dinner to bid them farewell and wished them a safe trip. After working here in Illinois for quite some time, Tess and Noel decided to return to the Philippines to catch-up with family and friends and once more enjoy the … [Read more...]