Sisig Pizza

Sisig Pizza

Sisig Pizza is not a new dish. In fact, there has been a similar product included in the menu of a fast food Pizza chain in the Philippines some years back. To be honest, Sisig Pizza is something that will be appreciated by sisig lovers –- this is simply sisig presented … [Read more...]

How to Make Pizza Sauce

how to make pizza sauce

Pizzas are made by layering ingredients that will produce the best flavor. The base is made of dough, which is basted with a red sauce. This red sauce is the pizza sauce. It is the one that adds a kick to pizza and makes the dough softer when cooked. If you’re thinking about … [Read more...]

Easy English Muffin Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Easy English Muffin Pepperoni Pizza

Are you looking for a quick and easy pizza recipe that you can make for snacks? This Easy English Muffin Pepperoni Pizza Recipe might be of help. You see, this recipe does not require making the pizza dough from scratch. Instead, English muffins are used. The good thing about … [Read more...]

Victoria’s Cheezy Pizza Pocket

Cheezy Pizza Pockets

This is a shared recipe by Victoria de Chavez This recipe is her entry to the ongoing Panlasang Pinoy Recipe Contest . Do you want to earn extra bucks for your recipe? Submit your recipe now! This cheezy pizza pockets is yummy and cheezy.This is similar to empanada but the … [Read more...]