Top 10 Favorite Tilapia Recipes

Tilapia, also known in some parts of the world as St. Peter fish, has been the most sought after fish for many reasons. In terms of availability, this fish is there all year long – thanks to the countless fish farms that grow tilapia. It has now been in the 5 most significant varieties of fish in terms of fish farming.Due to this, hundreds of different Tilapia Recipes are made available for us.

Tilapia Recipes

Cooking tilapia is similar to cooking any other fish. You have to prepare it based on the dish that you plan to cook before execution. This means cleaning the fish by removing the scales, gills, and innards before anything else. We all have different ways of preparation. For example: after cleaning, I rub salt all over the before frying it. If being grilled directly over heat, I leave the scales in so that it won’t stick on the grill.Most Tilapia Recipes mention that the fish needs to be cleaned, it is important to understand that cleaning the tilapia means removing the internal organs and gills — not just washing it with water.

In the Philippines, there are countless tilapia recipes available in every region. These tilapia recipes range from simple fried or grilled tilapia to more complex recipes that use different ingredient combinations. I’ve tried maybe close to 40 tilapia dishes, and I know that there are still more that I have to discover.

Among the dishes that I tried came my 10 most favorite tilapia recipes.Each of them have been tried and tested multiple times, and all passed my standards. I’m sure that you will enjoy all of them.

What are you favorite Tilapia Recipes? Here are mine:

  1. Tilapia Fish Tacos

  2. Sinanglay na Tilapia

  3. Sweet and Sour Tilapia

  4. Pesang Isda

  5. Fried Tilapia

  6. Grilled Tilapia

  7. Ginataang Tilapia

  8. Beer Battered Fish

  9. Baked Tilapia with Grilled Pineapple salsa

  10. Sarciadong Isda


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