Chicken Curry Recipe

This Chicken Curry Recipe is the Filipino version of Chicken Curry. Just like any other chicken curry dishes, this has a nice rich flavor and aroma that you will surely love.

How did this Chicken Curry Recipe came into being? It can be traced many years back. The Philippines is considered as the melting pot of Asia. People of different race and origin call it their home. Along with themselves, these people (migrants, traders, and colonizers) brought their culture, tradition, and food. This is the reason why spices such as curry has made its debut in the Philippine Cuisine. There were also some evidence of Indian trade during the early years of the Philippines. It is possible that Indian traders (and settlers, as well) introduced the dish to the Filipinos and supplied the spices to keep the trade business moving.

Another Filipino Recipe that has a resemblance with Chicken Curry is “Ginataang Manok” (chicken cooked in coconut milk). The only noticeable difference between the two is that Ginataang Manok does not use any strong spices.

Chicken Curry Recipe

I like this chicken curry recipe because it is easy to prepare. Although we used commercialized curry powder, I made sure that I chose the brand with the best quality. You see, traditional Chicken curry is made by combining different spices to turn them into curry. What we have here is a quick variation that produces almost the similar quality.

Try this Chicken Curry Recipe and send me your feedback.


Chicken Curry Recipe
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 6
  • Serving size: 6
    Prep time: 
    Cook time: 
    Total time: 
    • 2 lbs. chicken, cut into serving pieces
    • 1 big potato, chopped
    • 1 tbsp garlic, minced
    • 3 stalks celery, cut into 2 inches length
    • 1 medium onion, chopped
    • 1 small red bell pepper, cut into cubes
    • 2 tbsp fish sauce
    • 1 cup coconut milk
    • 2 tbsp curry powder
    • 1 thumb ginger, cut into strips
    • 1 cup water
    1. Pan-fry the potato and set aside
    2. Pan-fry the chicken and set aside
    3. In the pan where the chicken was pan-fried, sauté the garlic, onion and ginger
    4. Add the pan-fried chicken, fish sauce, and curry powder
    5. Add water and simmer until the chicken is tender
    6. Put-in the red bell pepper, celery, and pan fried-potato then simmer for 5 minutes
    7. Add the coconut milk and mix well. Simmer for 5 minutes


    Watch the cooking video:


    1. jasymd says

      Used frozen Gabi instead of potato and I add it last and simmer til soft.

    2. says

      Thanks for this video! I am making this recipe next week and I hope I’ll do well with the help of your video!

    3. jercy says

      thanks for the recipes and videos you showed you help me a lot to learn how to cook.. everyday i make guide your video.. to cook my dish thanx and god bless

    4. mylene says

      … thanks for sharing this video, i really do not know how to cook, but trying and watching your videos really helps, Thank you ^_^

    5. Dhoxx says

      hi!thanks for posting this! actually at first, I don’t have the guts in cooking but when I saw this recipe and tried it on my own! I’ve done fine! wow! :) more recipes please..<3

    6. miles says

      bkt po mapait un ckn curry ko, is it the curry powder, what shall i do to remove the bitterness, pls reply, tnx.

    7. Marlyn P. Esteban says

      Hello,I’m one of those not good in cooking and I’m very thankful to discover your website. I tried this Chicken Curry Recipe the other day and my family loves it. saktong-sakto sa sa panlasa namin.

      This holiday season, I will try to cook the Hardinera instead of Ham and the Crema de Fruta instead of Fruit Salad…and gonna try the other recipe’s…Thank you so much. More power! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    8. Jenat says

      I have Golden Curry mix (the cubes), i don’t have the curry powder. :( what ingredients will I omit if I use this mix? Thanks po!

    9. totz says

      bro, thanks for sharing your knowhow in cooking..
      the recipes are simple to follow, your cooking methods
      are indeed a great help to pinoys (and other interested persons) who love to cook, the filipino way…
      more power and recipes to come!

    10. pam says

      Thanks so much for posting the video! Im cooking as Im watching, so newbie! tc

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