Maja Blanca

Maja Blanca Recipe

Maja Blanca is a Filipino dessert made from coconut milk, cornstarch, and sugar. Often called Coconut Pudding, this luscious dessert is easy to make and the ingredients are very common.Unknown to many, the original Maja Blanca Recipe does not include corn and milk. In this recipe, I added whole sweet kernel corn and condensed milk for added taste and a more creamy texture.Since Christmas season is just around the corner, this would make a very good holiday dessert especially during potluck Christmas Parties and Noche Buena as well.

Preparing maja blanca is easy. All you need to do is follow each step indicated in this maja blanca recipe. It is important that you give the coconut milk sometime to cook; it is also recommended that you try your best to mix all the ingredients until the texture becomes as smooth at it can be. For better results, cook the corn a little longer to release its flavor.

Maja Blanca

I made this maja blanca while my wife is shopping online for bags at Nordstrom. I can’t believe that I was done with this and another dessert when she finally finished her online shopping. she was happy though, and that is all that matters.

Try this Maja Blanca Recipe and let me know what you think.

Maja Blanca Recipe
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 8
  • Serving size: 8
Cuisine: Filipino Recipe
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 4 cups coconut milk
  • 3/4 cup cornstarch
  • 14 ounces condensed milk
  • 3/4 cup fresh milk
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 15 ounces whole sweet kernel corn
  • 5 tbsp toasted grated coconut
  1. Pour the coconut milk in a cooking pot and bring to a boil.
  2. Add the sugar, condensed milk, and whole sweet kernel corn then stir until all the ingredients are evenly distributed.
  3. Simmer for 8 minutes
  4. Combine the fresh milk and cornstarch then whisk until the cornstarch is diluted
  5. Pour the fresh milk and cornstarch mixture in the cooking pot and stir thoroughly.
  6. Allow to cook while stirring until the mixture reaches your desired thickness
  7. Pour the mixture in a serving tray then arrange and flatten the top using a flat tool such as a wooden spatula
  8. Allow to cool down then refrigerate for at least 1 hour
  9. Garnish with toasted grated coconut (or latik if available)
  10. Serve cold. Share and enjoy!


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  1. I’ve been doing this for the nth time now and it’s always a hit during potbless and gatherings and even just for a simple dessert.
    I have substituted cheese for grated coconut and it complemented the sweetness of maja.. thanks so much.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes they are so good and I tell my friends to try your website for Filipino recipes

  3. You can try grinded almonds po. It also complements the sweetness of the maja.

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    GOD bless you

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  9. Thank you for this recipe! It’s very tasty and easy to make! KGARBZ is right, you can use 1cup of conrstarch instead of 3/4 cup if you want a firmer maja. My friends love it too!!!

  10. i made just 2 c of coco.milk , 1 c of cornstarch but it looks like the consistency is still a bit soft than what i expected… its really hard to perfect the maja blanca…thanks for the recipe thou, its tasty..and will def. do this again maybe ill just add some more cornstarch nxt time..

  11. Is the maja blanca recipe above good for 8 people or 8 trays, since it is written 8 serving?

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  14. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing us your Maja Blanca Recipe, my family love it. IT was perfect and too tasty.

    May God bless you and your family always.

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  16. Hi Vanjo, thanks for sharing your maja blanca recipe. It was a really good. I use shredded coconut and reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup…

  17. I tried this recipe using fresh coconut milk and coconut milk in can and the result was almost the same. Thank you very much sir for the recipe it was great! I was complimented.

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  19. Thanks for your website. i did this already and my family loves it. exact taste.

  20. My hubby who doesn’t cook made this and it turned out delicious! Latik took a while to cook but Maja de Blanca was super easy! THANK YOU so much for all the recipes that you shared! God Bless you and Happy Holidays!

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  22. hi! juz made it today and it was yummy! thanks for the recipe.. only thing is texture isn’t that solid its still soft… how cn i make it harder and not mushy?

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  26. i did this for my birthday my maja blanca wasn’t firm enough its more like pudding but the taste was so great!!! actually i caught my brother in law na kinukutkut to the last drop yung maja blanca, but still i want that firmness, should i add more cornstarch next time? my maja blanca is a bit darker than yours as well.

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  29. just want to ask if exact measure n ba ung mga nasa can ingredients that you used… do i need to measure p d coconut milk or no need thank you so much…

  30. This was my first time making this delicious dessert and it turned out fantastic! Thank you for the great list of ingredients and the simple directions! I look forward to making more of your recipes. Having moved away from my family (they are in Canada, I am in the U.S.) I especially miss my family’s traditional filipino home cooked meals. It has been a pleasure to find your website and even more so a delight to find that you have great instructional videos to go along with your easy to follow directions! Great job! And again, thank you very much for bringing the “Philippines” back into my own home!

  31. I can’t find any condensed milk, can i use evaporated milk instead? Should i reduce the amount of sugar just not to make it too sweet?

  32. I tried this recipe yesterday…it was DELICIOUS!! This was my first time having it and I loved it! I blogged about it on my site.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  33. Sir,
    We have tried this recipe but instead of Whole Kernel Corn eh we used Cream-Corn Style, mas malasa sya. we just added more cornstarch (2tbsp) to thicken kasi watery ung Cream-Corn Style.
    Thanks po! More power to your site!
    Always be a blessing to others.

  34. I love your website! I made some maja banca last night and it was really good. My 2 year old son LOVED it. But can I use fresh shredded coconut instead of corn? Please let me know. Thank you so much! God blesss!

  35. I’m just wondering… corn flour and corns starch the same??? thanks

  36. i cant find toasted coconut… so i make that too? do i just grate the coconut then toast it? or is there something else to make taste good?

    1. You can simply grate and toast the coconut, Shaxia. There isn’t any way to make it taste better unless you try making latik. If you are interested in latik, we have a post on how to make one. Hope this helps.

  37. hi kuya,

    i actually used ‘pure corn flour” and it turned out very delicious. i dont see any problem as to the consistency. hope this help.

    thanks kuya for this delicious delicious maja blanca. my family loved it.

    juday of singapore

    1. i used a pure corn flour as well. it turned out perfect! thanks for the recipe. will try more of your recipes soon

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    So when i invite friends at home i serve Pinoy especialty.
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    i’m trying this Maja Recipe for Noche Buena later..

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  52. Greetings:

    Hello, once again you shared another yummy recipe. But I already made maja blanca yesterday, too bad i haven’t seen them, but only today. And again they were just not what I was hoping for, seems something wrong!
    And right after i’ve seen ur video, i realized that i made a wrong cooking procedure. Instead of boiling the coconut milk first, i mixed the ingredients all together till get boiled then add the diluted cornstarch, that’s why it came out w/ a different taste. But inspite of the taste my 2yr old daughter told me its yum yum, she can’t resist but eat them, hahahaha.
    Next time i will try ur recipe & follow the procedure & i’ll make it sure she will more appreciate it.


  53. hi kuya,

    wow,thanks for posting this know, this is the recipe that i’ve requested and waited for.i will try this,sooner.again,a lot of thanks.

  54. Evaporated milk will do. As far as I know, Maizena is just a brand of cornstarch so it is still what we need. You should try this Sirod and post a feedback after. Thanks and have a good day!

  55. ok, i’ll do that; maybe i’ll freeze it in batches. thanks, kuya (sori, nakiki-kuya narin ako, pero baka i’m older than u pa) — i’m eyeing the empanadas next! happy sunday!

  56. chloee, this recipe requires cornstarch and using cornflour will just ruin the consistency. If you can find some potato flour or rice flour there in your area, it might work. Hope this helps.

  57. my wife cooked three of your recipes (maja blanca, coconut macaroons and ube halaya) TODAY and we love all of them..very tasty and delicious. good thing, the recipes can be easily bought and that walmart and asian store are just around the corner! stress-releasing “kakanin” from someone whose writing a thesis! =)

  58. tnx kuya for sharing us ur recipe it really help me alot.may god bless u and ur family always!!!

  59. Hi Jai. I’ve been making Maja Blanca for more than 10 yrs and my ratio for cornstarch and milk (coconut milk) is the secret why my maja blanca is not liquidy or lugaw like. Fore every 1/2 cup of cornstarch, that’s equivalent to 2 cups of coconut milk. So if 4 cups, dapat 1 cup and cornstarch.
    I hope this helps.

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