Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and Sour Soup is an oriental soup dish composed of meat and lots of vegetables. Chilies or chili sauce is responsible in making this soup dish spicy, while rice vinegar is the main souring agent.

The taste of this dish does not only depend on the spiciness of the chili or sourness of the vinegar. The other ingredients play a vital role in providing rich and great flavor to this soup. The mushrooms make this soup tangy while ginger and bamboo shoots provides pleasant aroma; other ingredients add beautiful flavor and texture to the dish.

I find it perfect to have Hot and Sour soup during the cold weather; it always keeps me feel warm especially during this winter season.

I usually have this soup from the nearby Chinese Buffet Restaurant, but I thought of making one today so that I can freeze what’s left and enjoy it anytime.

Have you tried Hot and Sour Soup lately?

Try this Hot and Sour Soup recipe and let me know your thoughts.


1/2 lb pork, thinly sliced

1  1/2 cups Shiitake mushrooms, sliced

1/2 cup dried wood ear, soaked in water

2 thumbs ginger, sliced

4 pieces firm tofu, cubed

1/2 cup carrots, julienned

1/2 cup bamboo shoots, sliced

7 cups chicken broth

1/2 cup rice vinegar

3 tablespoons soy sauce

2 teaspoons chili sauce

3 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch, diluted in 4 tablespoons water

1 piece egg

1/4 cup spring onions, finely chopped

Watch the cooking video:

Cooking procedure:

1. Heat a cooking pot then pour-in chicken broth and let boil.

2. Put-in Shiitake mushroom, wood ear, and ginger then stir. Simmer for 10 minutes.

3. Remove the ginger, put-in pork, tofu, carrots, and bamboo shoots. Simmer until pork is tender (about 20 minutes).

4. Add soy sauce, rice vinegar, and hot sauce then stir.

5. Stir-in cornstarch diluted in water and egg. Stir thoroughly.

6. Turn off heat, transfer to a serving bowl, and garnish with spring onions.

7. Serve. Share and enjoy!


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  1. Michael Malone says:

    I have eaten Chinese Hot and Sour Soup my entire life, but, this recipe has to be the very best I have ever used. I do add 1/4 cup of Sesame Oil. You simply cannot beat the flavor, textures and aroma !! Thanks SO much for sharing !

  2. This soup is good for this kind of weather!

  3. I once was down with the flu and a chinese friend of mine advised me to take hot and sour soup. It really worked! Pagpapawisan ka sa init at anghang ng soup. Tanggal din agad ang ubo’t sipon ko.

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It is very affordable and easy to cook.

  5. The Hot Sour soup we get here in Texas is hot from black pepper, not chilis. This definitely affects the overall taste as you get the ‘dusty’ fragrance from the black pepper that is not there with chilis.

    Also, rather than use corn starch for your thickening, you really should try it with a good thick homemade broth made with plenty of collagen (skin, knuckles, etc.)…the kind that gels when it’s in the fridge. The mouth feel of a good, rich broth has no comparison – and is truer to the origins of the soup. I make mine over several days in the crockpot and freeze it in 2 cup amounts in freezer bags, so it’s really convenient.

  6. As always, you made a seemingly complicated dish really easy to make. My husband and I are fans of this soup. Thanks for sharing. If you have a list of vegetarian dishes that will suit the Filipino palate, I’m all for it. 😀

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