An Improved Meatloaf Recipe

Are you looking for the best meatloaf recipe, but could not find one? I was looking for the same thing too, and I ended-up making a good enough meatloaf dish. Although the meatloaf that I made was good, I felt that it can use some more ingredients to make it better.

After a few months of experimenting and some tips from friends, I think that I was able to come-up with a meatloaf recipe that is like no other. I don’t want to speak for myself; it will be better if you’ll be the judge. Remember the burger steak recipe that we posted a few months ago? It was really good, isn’t it? Well, the idea came from that recipe. One ingredient that made the burger steak recipe stand-out was the onion soup mix.

Meatloaf can be considered as a comfort food depending on the person that is having it. If you consider meatloaf as your comfort food, you can enjoy it better by following our meatloaf recipe and adding a pouch of onion soup mix while mixing the ingredients. The onion soup mix provides additional flavor that collaborates well with the other ingredients.

To tell you the truth, I was clueless when I did the experiment. I had and extra onion soup mix sitting in the food pantry for months. I thought that I should use it before it expires. Having the burger steak recipe in mind, I thought of adding the soup mix to the meatloaf blend that I was mixing. I am not expecting anything amazing to happen – just the addition of a little oniony flavor – I guess. However, the outcome was surprising. The meatloaf had the full flavor that I always wanted.

You can make meatloaf sandwich out of it, or eat it with steamed rice. Better yet, you can try eating it as it is – just like what I did. So, how good is this meatloaf recipe? Let’s just say that we consumed it directly from the loaf pan after baking. The remaining slice that you see in the picture is what’s left of my share – and it was still hot. I had it sit for a while so that I can take a picture, and then I realized that I was already munching it.


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