Chicharon Bulaklak Recipe

Chicharon Bulaklak

Chicharon Bulaklak or deep-fried ruffled fat is a popular Filipino appetizer. It is often consumed with alcoholic drinks and is best eaten when dipped in spicy vinegar. Chicharon bulaklak is at is best form right after frying when it is still warm and the texture is extra … [Read more...]

Snails with Spinach in Coconut Milk Recipe

Snails in Coconut Milk with Spinach Recipe

This Snails with Spinach in Coconut Milk Recipe is similar to a Filipino recipe called "Ginataang Kuhol". While the later involves golden snails (kuhol) and water spinach (kangkong), this recipe makes use of sea snails and fresh spinach; the rest of the ingredients are similar. … [Read more...]

Deep Fried Mussels

Deep Fried Mussels

There are many delicious ways to cook mussels. You can bake them, grill them, boil them, and deep fry them like what we are doing now – Deep Fried Mussels. Cooking deep fried mussels is easy. However, you should ensure that the mussels are cleaned and the mussel meats are … [Read more...]

Crispy Shrimp Adobo Recipe

Crispy Shrimp Adobo

This Crispy Shrimp Adobo Recipe or Crispy Adobong Hipon is my take in making a unique Shrimp Adobo dish. I got the inspiration from our Nilasing na Hipon Recipe, which I think is really good. Instead of cooking the shrimp directly with vinegar and soy sauce, I used these … [Read more...]

Pinaputok na Tilapia Recipe

Pinaputok na Tilapia

Pinaputok na Tilapia is a Filipino Recipe wherein Tilapia is stuffed with a generous amount of tomatoes, onions, and ginger up to the maximum point that the cavity of the fish can handle. The term “pinaputok” is a Filipino word for explode or burst. It was used to describe the … [Read more...]