Max Fried Chicken

Max’s style Fried Chicken

Max’s style Fried Chicken is a copycat recipe of the popular and delicious Fried Chicken dish served by Max’s Restaurant.

Max Fried Chicken Recipe

We are using Cornish game hen for this recipe. This is smaller compared to regular chicken. So, if you are using regular chicken, make sure to add more cooking time for the chicken to be cooked correctly. The first procedure that I did was to steam the chicken in a mixture of herbs and seasonings. This makes the chicken tender while infusing the flavor and aroma of the herbs. Once our Max’s Fried Chicken has been steamed, we let is stand for about 10 minutes to drain excess liquid before deep frying. This will give you a nice tasting fried chicken that is juicy in the inside and crisp in the outside.

This Fried Chicken dish is served with fried kamote (sweet potato) and best eaten with Jufran banana ketchup or Worcestershire sauce. To make your dining experience more realistic, you can serve Lumpiang Sariwa and Pancit Canton along with it.

Try this Max’s style Fried Chicken recipe. and let me know what you think.

Max's style Fried Chicken
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 2
  • Serving size: 2
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 1 whole spring chicken (cornish game hen)
  • 6 pieces dried bay leaves
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro or parsley
  • 4 cups water
  • 3 cups cooking oil
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp ground black pepper
  1. In a steamer, pour the water and bring to a boil.
  2. Add the dried bay leaves and chopped cilantro in the boiling water
  3. Steam the chicken for 45 minutes
  4. Remove the chicken from the steamer and allow the excess liquid to drip. Let the chicken cool down.
  5. Rub salt and pepper all over the chicken.
  6. In a deep-fryer or tall pot, pour the cooking oil and apply heat.
  7. When the cooking oil is hot enough, deep-fry the chicken for about 12 minutes. (If the chicken is not entirely immersed in oil, flip the chicken to fry the other side for another 12 minutes or until color turns golden brown)
  8. Remove the chicken from the fryer and allow oil to drip.
  9. Serve hot with fried kamote (fried sweet potato). Share and Enjoy!


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  1. thanks for your very helpful site! keep on sharing and teaching and spreading and transferring your technology to us! you’re such a selfless man…..God bless you more!

  2. I love this recipe so much! Soo yummy, smelling sooo good when i was deep-frying it,mouth watering that my hubby were already feelin hungry and would like to skip karate training just to taste this recipe right away.. Thanks for all your recipes! I enjoyed cooking now because of your great, tasting recipes soo easy to follow and cook! More power of Panlasang Pinoy!

    Mrs. Delmas

  3. I just discovered your website yesterday thru youtube, and i immediately tried cooking your ginataang tilapia recipe for dinner last night,my husband loved it!
    Now, I can’t wait to try your Max Fried chicken recipe for our dinner!Thank you for saving my family’s dinner meals!You are awesome!Keep it up!

  4. thanks for sharing … will definitely try this over the weekend, very timely for the mother’s day celebration :)

  5. kuya,good eve poh…!!! can i cook in the oven instead of frying? pahiran nalang nang oil ang whole chicken ,we do not have frying pan na malalim,,,, i’m planning to cook this to my chinese boss,they love to eat filipino food…thank you alot,,,,

  6. do you think boiling the chicken instead of steaming gives better result in terms of taste?

  7. Dear kuya, i would like to ask what kind of cilantro or parsley are you using for the max chicken recipe? Can I use either fresh or dried? Thanks.

  8. Nice website I came across through YOUTUBE.. thank you for your hard work to show the rest how Filipino cooking is being done. Somehow your versions are very close to the original recipies.

    Only one recommendation but not a big deal: you can lose the music backround. its not really necessary to have it while you are talking at the same time.. its kind of annoying to tell you the truth.. just listening to your voice is just fine.

    Thank you again..

  9. how the cilantro looks like? hope there is translation of every spices na foreign sa pandinig namin at bihira sa pinas

  10. Share lang po ako, I got a tip from a friend who work in a restaurant before, they used to boil the chicken in real pork broth. Once cooked, transfer the whole chicken in a large pot full of ice cold water(this will make the skin tight thus giving it a nice form). Let it soak for 5 minutes then remove from the pot and drain, rub a bit of canola oil on the skin with the salt and pepper rub mentioned above. Let it cool down, you can leave this overnight inside the fridge then fry as directed. If you want a healthier alternative, you can bake it for 30 minutes-1 hour 350C then broiling it on Low temp until skin is brown and crisp.

    Just thought I’d share!

  11. ang pinag-steam ko sa chicken ay 1 part cooking oil and 2 parts tanduay rhum!!!
    yummy din ang dating.. try nyo..

  12. thanks for the great recipes! ive tired more than 10 of your recipes and all of them were the best tasting version of its kind, my friends and family are impressed!

  13. I tried this recipe last night and it was great. my tastebuds were definitely happy to have its craving satisfied. the recipe is simple and easy to follow…everyone should give it a try. great job panlasang pinoy. this is a definite keeper in my recipe box.
    p.s. do you have a recipe on how to make piaya?

  14. Thanks for sharing this recipe sir i felt like i was home eating in max’s restaurant when i tried this…

  15. I’m very thankful for discovering your website. I did this already and no need for us to go to the Max House…We love it..still doing some of your recipe’s…

  16. Kuya I haven’t tried your recipe…since type ko once in a while to eat fried chicken I’ll try to do it…Keep sharing kuya!

  17. Hello,

    good to see this recipe, thanks!
    have one question though, is there any substitute for kinchay?


  18. I just tried this recipe awhile ago and while I tried to be true to the recipe, I had some whole rosemary (Mc Cormick) available and I added some to the boiling water for steaming. I did this because I read at another site claiming to have the secret recipe of Max’s rest. fried chicken. I also waited about an hour after I rubbed the salt and pepper before I fried the chicken as recommended by another reader. I am letting the chicken cool down about 4 hours before I fry it again for dinner. Again, I read somewhere that this adds crispiness to the chicken skin which makes it near the taste of Max’s. Anyway, so far the smell and the look of the chicken I cooked is similar to Max’s. And I would like to thank you for giving this recipe. As for the other site that claims the secret recipe of Max’s Restaurant Fried Chicken is, below are the ingredients and cooking procedure.

    1 whole chicken
    rock salt
    freshly cracked pepper
    sprig of rosemary
    2 carrots chopped
    1 large onion chopped
    2 celery ribs, chopped
    1 head garlic, chopped
    frying oil


    Wash and pat chicken dry
    Massage salt and pepper onto and under the skin
    Combine garlic, onions, celery and carrots.
    Stuff the mixture into the chicken’s cavity until full but not bursting
    Prepare steamer with water. Place remainder of the vegetables and rosemary sprig into the water
    Steam the chicken for around 30 minutes
    Remove chicken from steamer, empty cavity and drain well. Discard the vegetables
    Deep fry chicken in very hot oil until lightly browned, turning on sides as necessary
    Remove from pan and allow to cool
    Deep fry again until golden brown when ready to eat.
    Remove from heat and let stand for 5 minutes before chopping pieces. This “stand time” prevents the juices from leaking out of the meat.

    Hope to read comments about this soon. As for the chicken I cooked, I am happy with it. :) Thanks again.

    1. Hi again….

      I cooked the chicken a second time around in the same cooking oil over high heat. Since the first time I cooked it took about 4 minutes, I tried completing a 12 minute cook by frying the chicken a second time around for 8 minutes. Good thing I kept looking at the frying process since if I followed the time, I would have over cooked the chicken. I guess I learned that it is always a good idea to check on your cooking every now and then and not totally rely on the recommendations. As for the final outcome, the outside was crispy and really tasted very similar to Max’s. Although I would suggest for first timers of this dish to be patient in patting the ground black pepper and salt as the steaming really softens the chicken. Also to try to spread the salt and pepper evenly. Mine had some parts a little bit more salty than the others. Overall though, I passed the taste test in my not too discerning family’s taste buds and they cant wait for the next recipe. Thank you so much for the informative cooking recipe. You’re in my prayers.

      ’til next…

  19. I love Chicken, but i eat less of it b’coz i do have food allergy.

    I cooked this for my colleagues (mixed nationalities, but mostly Arabic) in one of our office gathering and all of them like it and asking for the recipe of it ;DThanks kuya for a nice & yummy recipe !! more power ;D

  20. Im about to try to cook your recipe coz my family loves to eat max fried chicken especially my husband,i hope he will like it!Im glad i have found your website it would be a great help for me because my husband loves to eat…

  21. hi.. thank you so much for this recipes..i start searching bunch of chicken recipes to cook for three days.. my inlaws is planning to visit here for 3 days.. they wont eat any meat but just chicken..

    more power to you guys!!

    God bless


  22. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I tried this recipe today. I steamed two chickens each weighing more than a kilo. My family absolutely loved them, specially the crispy skin! I got an all thumbs up, but I think I should credit their approval to you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe here! God bless!

  23. I’ve tried this recipe for lunch and i forgot my diet! :( Chicken tastes awesomely like Max’s. I also used Jufran, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and fried kamote on sidings to feel like I’m really dining at Max’s. Hahaha… This is so great! Thanks PANLASANG PINOY for this recipe!

  24. finally i found what i have been looking for all these 5 yrs that i have been living here in the US…thank you so much. i love your website….thank u again…more power to u.


  25. its good that i found out about your site..ang laking tulong saken para ma introduce ko sa family ko ang hindi naman puro japanese cuisine lang alam nila kainin..thanks a lot!!

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    Thanks Vanj! More power!

  27. Hi,

    Youre site ir really interesting,I just opened it recently, i know how to cook good food but some of youre recipes are really great! thanks and more power.


  28. hi..super Max’s chicken nga ang recipe mo…nag try ako straight away…my children loves it! Ubos sa isang upuan lang…lol!

  29. Thanks po for this recipe, really love Max’s fried chix try ko po ito thanks a lot po…

  30. Absolutely 5 Stars!!! Well done kuya!!! For us living in abroad and misses the crispy fried cxn of Max resto, this recipe is a god-send! Kuya, kaya din ba natin ung Jolibee Fried Cxn???

  31. hello there…how about frying in olive oil??? will it still be max fried chicken??? will definetely try this for our Sunday dinner next week. Il let you know how it goes. great job!!!

  32. Hi. You are big help. I am recently married and cooking for my husband. Your recipes turned out really yummy, parang akong “expert cook” in an instant just following your step-by-step cooking procedure. Thanks and more power!

  33. Did you use cornish game hen jr? Its important to use a small fowl fore this recipe because it absorbs the spices faster. If you are using the average sized chicekn, better add more time steaming and more of the spices to infuse it better.

  34. sir,.what other condiments i can use if cilantro is not available? can i use thyme?

  35. Kuya,
    Great!!! we tried that Max’s Chicken…wowwwwwwww…my kids loved it!I tried three of your recipe already…I was amazed the way you did them all.R u a chef?im just wonderin’ , you cook good.
    btw..i just tried 3 of ur recipes, coz, i just find out yr website recently…we tried the “pandesal”,chicken with coconut milk,and this one.Maja blanca will be the next…hehehe.Thx again for sharing it with us..God bless.

  36. thanks for great recipes and easy to follow cooking instructions. God bless you!

  37. hi,
    tried this last saturday and served it with oancit canton just as you suggested. parang nagpadeliver kami from Max”s. Used to do this before but didn’t put the bay leaf and cilantro in the water and that made the difference. thanks for the delicious recipes.

  38. Does anyone know what happened to Seven Sisters of Kawit, Cavite? They have the best Fried Chicken.

  39. hello mr chef,
    i start to watch your show last week & i’ve tried your empanada it was so good i was wondering if you could give us a clue how to make the lasang pancit pinoy because every party that me my family attend the pancit taste is not really as good as the original taste you can always taste the mama sita pancit mixture, i really appreciate it if could show us how, thanks in a million.

  40. Looks delicious – back home, my parents has a Max’s restaurant within walking distance. I’ll have to make this for them so they can save themselves a trip and money!

  41. hi!… tnx for sharing us your wonderful talent in cooking and the presentation itself shows clearly and easy to catch up.

  42. Thanks for the tip Ube. You could be right on that since lard give additional porky taste to the chicken. Since I don’t use lard, the next best thing here in my kitchen would be recycled cooking oil that I used to fry chicken a few days before.

    I was thinking of using lard but I guess that I’m just afraid. I could say that I am frightened to use lard extensively because whenever I think about it, I can imagine my arteries clogging. Well…thats just me.

    I Appreiate your comment ube. Have a great day!

  43. To get the maximum Max styled fried chicken use lard in deep frying the chicken. One of the former managers at this establishment told me the secret frying oil – lard in a large kawa. You got the steaming right which is part of their cooking process.

  44. hi kuya!! i prefer using parsley than the local kinchay, because they have different taste and aroma.Some people don’t eat kinchay.

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