12 Filipino Foods to Have During the Holy Week

Holy Week is about to start tomorrow (it officially started in the Philippines today) and it has been a practice among Roman Catholics to abstain from meat. Pork, chicken, beef, goat meat and other types of meat are usually out of the picture during this time of the year. Vegetables and seafood are commonly consumed unless you are fasting.

Instead of putting your attention in thinking about the simple meals that you need to prepare this week, try to focus more on the spiritual aspect of life. We already collated 12 meals that you can prepare for your family during this season; all you need to do is choose.

Here are 12 of our suggestions:


1. Inihaw na Pusit

1-ginataang tilapia

2. Ginataang Tilapia


3. Laing

1-sinigang na hipon

4. Sinigang na Hipon


5. Atchara

1-lumpiang sariwa

6. Lumpiang Sariwa


7. Tortang Talong


8. Ginisang Togue


9. Buttered Garlic Shrimp


10. Steamed Lapu-lapu

Lumpiang Togue

11. Lumpiang Togue


12. Ginataang Alimasag

Have a blessed Lenten Season!

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  1. you can probably have seafood pasta.