Brazo de Mercedes

Brazo de Mercedes is a type of rolled cake (sometimes referred to as jelly roll) made from a sheet of soft meringue with custard filling. This heavenly cake can be considered as one of the all-time favorites in the Philippines.What I like most about this cake is the sponge like texture of the meringue that literally melts in my mouth. The light flavor of the meringue is balanced by the flavor of the rich custard filling. This is truly amazing!

Most of you might be thinking that this rolled cake is hard to create; you might be surprised how easy it is to make your own Brazo de Mercedes after reading this post and watching the cooking video. I won’t extend the introduction because I know that most of you are eager to start working on this project (I am getting at least 17 requests per day for this recipe).

Try this Brazo de Mercedes recipe and let me know what you think.

Brazo de Mercedes Recipe

Brazo de Mercedes Recipe


  • 10 large raw eggs, yolks and whites separated
  • 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 3 tablespoons confectioners sugar
  • 14 ounces condensed milk

Watch the cooking video:

Cooking Procedure

  1. Combine egg whites and cream of tartar then beat using an electric mixer until soft peaks form.
  2. Make the meringue by gradually adding the granulated sugar while mixing the ingredients. Continue mixing until the texture is semi-firm.
  3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Place wax paper on top of a cookie sheet or large rectangular baking pan and grease the surface.
  5. Place the meringue on top of the greased wax paper then spread evenly using a spatula.
  6. Bake the meringue for 20 to 22 minutes or until the color of the top part turns light to medium brown.
  7. While the meringue is in the oven, make the filling by combining the egg yolks and condensed milk in a small cooking pot. Apply heat and cook the mixture while continuously stirring until the texture becomes thick.
  8. Add the vanilla extract to the condensed milk and egg yolk mixture, turn off the heat, and mix thoroughly. Set aside.
  9. Remove the meringue from the oven and cool down for a few minutes.
  10. Sprinkle the confectioners sugar on top of the meringue then place wax paper on the top part of the meringue followed by a similar sized baking pan or tray. The meringue should now be in the middle of two baking trays.
  11. Flip the meringue: the new cookie sheet/baking tray placed on top should now be below. Remove the baking tray and the wax paper (you should now see the opposite side of the baked meringue) then spread the filling (cooked egg yolks, condensed milk, and vanilla extract mixture) over the meringue.
  12. Roll the meringue. Complete rolling side to side starting at the longest side. Make sure that the layer with filling is rolled inward.
  13. Transfer to a serving plate then serve.
  14. Share and enjoy!

Number of servings (yield): 6

Thanks for sharing this post! I appreciate you.

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  1. lito r.garcia says:

    parang madali lang try ko rin ito

  2. ask lang puti po ba un sa top or brown

  3. Hello Po!!! thank you soo much for this recipe!! ive been missing this since i dont know when!! i will try and make this cake on monday hehe soo excited good luck to me!! Your website is such a great help for me!! i never enjoyed cooking the way i did now! thank you for your website and sa u na rin po!!

  4. is ther any substitute for cream of tartar?

  5. id like to add coconut milk on the custard filling..anu magiging measurements ng custard ingredients?

  6. Eric, You made it look so simple. I’ve been making Brazo de Mecedes BUT always frustrated of the outcome. I live 5,000 above sea level, the mirangue always comes flat. Though I have mastered the filling. Do you have any suggestions for any adjustments for a high altitute? NEED HELP. Thank you, Eric! Great job!

    • you probably over beat the meringue which flattened it. you should always watch for the soft peaks and stop beating when this happens. from my personal experience making cakes that require meringue.

  7. hi i love to cook brazo de mercedes..,but is there any substitute Cream of tartar??i dont have that here in sweden..,please help me.

  8. hi please help me naman po kuya.. bat ganon hindi ko makuha ung soft peak form na tintawag sa meringue? ung masyadong malapot like sa inyo.. pano po ba maging ganon?

  9. hello.. i hope somebody can help me with a little problem baking this dessert. I’ve tried it thrice…pero laging sunog ang bottom ng meringue! and hindi nagbrown un upper portion . I have pre-heated naman the oven, then baked it for 20 minutes..what’s wrong? i’m frustrated. pls. help

    • put the tray a little higher where you would normally put it when you bake the meringue. your tray is probably too near the heat source.

  10. katherine says:

    San po makakabili ng cream of tartar? thanks:)

  11. hello, ok lang ba pang grease ang margarine?

  12. hello, ok lang ba pang grease ko sa wax paper eh yung margarine??

  13. Thanks, i made my first baked cake. Perfeczion :-)! My gf loves to bake and i even don’t mind it. Now i started to love baking. It’s really fun. More power to you.

  14. thank God I found this site… My mother-in-law shared to me her version of brazo and instructed me over the phone on how to do it… mejo na-confuse ako with regards to the procedures.. so i searched a video on youtube and presto!

    It looks easy… sana nga easy…. at maperfect ko sa unang trial…

  15. Thank you for sharing this recipe kuya. My first try is absolutely perfect i must say….a success… thanks a lot…

  16. do you have a no-bake recipe for only egg white. got lots of it after doing leche flan and i don’t know what to do with them. btw,im inspired to do brazo de mercedes after watching your video. thanks

  17. Thank u for this…made one and it was yummy!!! will definitely follow ur recipe :) Hope u can make chocolate moist cake and sans rival please :)

  18. Sir Eric… I think I made the filling too sweet! I tried to convert online from Ounces to ml and here in canada, a can of sweetened condensed milk is 300 ml which I think is fairly close to 14 ounces… Is there any way to UnSweeten the filling?

  19. thank you for the recipe make my life easy and start to love to bake.

  20. Thanks for sharing your recipes (and with youtube at that). Could you try out sans rival recipe as well? thank you!

  21. Thanks for sharing all these fillipino recipes! It makes me feel closer at home….will surely recommend your site to my friends! More power!

  22. thank you for this recipe, i think this is very simple to follow. more power, kuya?

  23. Jonalyn Dahle says:

    Hi can you help me? i cant find any cream of tartar here..any substitute? thanks.

  24. thanks sa recipe. i tried it the other day. it was yummy! im so happy i discover your site. thanks for sharing your recipes. =)

  25. hi kuya, gaano katagal ung pagbebeat ng egg whites? medyo nkkngawit ksi ata? at pwde bang hindi ung pang whisk ng egg ang gamitin sa electric mixer?

  26. Thank you so much, just discovered you website and I am learning a lot!!
    God Bless you!!
    Thank you for the recipe of brazo de mercedes..
    I wanna know if you have recipe for sansrival?

  27. hello po kuya, can u show us po sa video the whole process ng pag roll kc i tried to do this ywice pero di sya nagiging katulad nung nasa picture ng sa inyo. I will appreciate it so much po if you would let us see it.Thanks a bunch.

  28. Kristine says:

    I finally found cream of tartar at my local food 4 less seasoning aisle so i decided to bake one up, per your recipe. I thought the custard was a little bit too sweet for my taste. Is there a way to lessen the sweetness without sacrificing the consistency of the custard? thanks in advance and I hope you can show us a recipe of sans rival in the future.

  29. Julirose says:

    What if i don’t have any cream of tartar available, what can i use as a substitute??

  30. Cool website, bro. I’ve tried this dessert at a Philippine store at Tampa and I love it. Ive been looking forever how to make this dessert because its like $12 per box here(small portion too). So, Kudos to you, sir. Keep up the good work!

    (gotta sweet talk the wife to make it for me this weekend lol)