Embutido Recipe

Embutido is a type of meatloaf prepared Filipino style. Though a well known dish for the holidays, Embutido can be enjoyed everyday without any hassle. Several meat processing companies now produce this meatloaf for commercial purposes; all you have to do is grab one from your favorite grocery store.For those of you who want to enjoy the naturally prepared Embutido, this is the recipe to go for.

My version (or should I say my Mom’s :) ) focuses more on giving this dish the wonderful taste and aroma that can’t be found in commercialized Embutido. You can serve this as a cold cut or you can even fry it after steaming. Do whatever you want but don’t forget to put the Banana Catsup on the side. I like to eat Embutido either warm or cold. I eat this as n appetizer (cold cut) when cold, while I treat this as a main dish eaten with white rice when warm. If you are still intimidated to make this yourself, you should try watching the video for you to see how you can easily prepare this just by yourself. I am sure that you can successfully prepare this delicious embutido on your first attempt.

In terms of storage, you can freeze embutido and it will last for a month. Make sure that you thaw it by exposing in room temperature for a couple of hours; do not microwave as it will react with the aluminum foil.

Try this delicious Embutido recipe and let me know what you think.

Embutido Recipe

Embutido Recipe


  • 2 lbs ground pork
  • 12 pcs vienna sausage or 6 pcs hotdogs, cut in half lengthwise
  • 3 pcs hard boiled eggs, sliced
  • 1/2 cup sweet pickle relish
  • 1/2 cup tomato sauce
  • 2 pcs raw eggs
  • 2 cups cheddar cheese, grated
  • 1 cup red bell pepper, minced
  • 1 cup green bell pepper, minced
  • 1 1/2 cup raisins
  • 1 cup carrots, minced
  • 1 cup onion, minced
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 cups bread crumbs (made by placing 4 slices of tasty bread in a food processor. If not using any food processor, just tear the bread.)

Cooking Procedure

  1. Place the ground pork in a large container
  2. Add the bread crumbs then break the raw eggs and add it in. Mix well
  3. Put-in the carrots, bell pepper (red and green), onion, pickle relish, and cheddar cheese. Mix thouroughly
  4. Add the raisins, tomato sauce, salt, and pepper then mix well.
  5. Place the meat mixture in an aluminum foil and flatten it. (see video for guidance)
  6. Put in the sliced vienna sausage and sliced boiled eggs alternately on the middle of the flat meat mixture.
  7. Roll the foil to form a cylinderlocking the sausage and egg in the middle if the meat mixture. Once done, lock the edges of the foil.
  8. Place in a steamer and let cook for 1 hour.
  9. Place inside the refrigerator until temperature turns cold
  10. Slice and serve. Share and Enjoy!

Number of servings (yield): 6


Watch the cooking video:

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  1. really nice dish. embutido is one of my fave filipino food. i will try this soon.

    (please visit a new pinoy blog, qwekqwek.com. all contents from pinoy perspective)

  2. thanks for this effective recipe! Is great.. though mern me binago ng knti s recipe at mern dinagdag para mas malinamnam p cya lalo.. and hindi beef or pork gnwa ko, ground chicken ginamit ko.. kc d2 wla pork.. only beef n chicken..

  3. vanessa says:

    I tried this last weekend and turned out really good. Thanks!!!

  4. Maricris says:

    Thanks for the recipe ..My friend shared this recipe with me …and really love the taste…

  5. fionarich says:

    hello kuya!!!ask ko lang if puede combination ng pork at beef???wait po ako sa answer u ASAP…thanks a lot…

  6. hi:),ask k lng po ilang embutdo po ang nagawa dto s ingredients n yan??? i just wanna try this to christening ng baby ko.

  7. kuya tnx s mga lutuin mu ask q lng pra san ung pickles d2 s embutido kz wla aq mbilhan d2 eh…pd bng wla non or meron bng ibng alternatives pra d2?? tnx…more power!!!

  8. hi… slamat s mga recipes mo, mrmi akong ntutuhan…
    nga pla prequest nman ako ng recipe ng beef morcon pls….
    slamat and god bless u and more power….

  9. Alondra says:

    you sent from heaven! more power!

  10. arjhen21 says:

    hi po! ask ko lang po pag hotdog ang ginamit ko kelangan ko pa po bang iprito or hindi na? tnx po

  11. hey me and my mom did the exact same thing and followed all ur directions. It came out just great i even took a picture of it lol :)
    thanks for sharing!

  12. Hehe Rina, may pagka showbiz ka pala :) Yup my wife is always here to lend a helping hand ;)

  13. ilang days po ba ma preserve ang embutido?

  14. lyzel says:


    can you make polvoron, the kids love it but i dont know how to cook…thanks…

  15. Lizza says:

    I tried this recipe with ground chicken and it was yummy. My family loved it, after steaming I fried it a little and add tomato paste and a little water, let it simmer until sauce thickens. It’s delicious with rice.
    Thanks so much for this recipe.

  16. chinky says:

    kuya vanj ilang pirasong embutido ang nilabasan ng 2lbs ground pork?tnx.

  17. Tanong lang po. What’s the yield of this recipe based on the above measurement? Thanks.

  18. honey g. says:

    i can’t believe i just found out about this site, i just stumbled upon it while looking up recipes on youtube, anyway, thanks a lot for having this site, i usually call my mom to teach me how to cook pinoy dishes (she is not always available though) but now, i can just look in your site. I made this dish for an all- canadian party and it turned out to be a big hit! I owe it to you guys, thanks so much! I’ve been cooking 3 to 4 dishes in a day for the past 4 days (all your recipes) and it has been awesome.

  19. can u give an approximate cost for this recipe? and how many did you make using this recipe? as ive said i want to sell it, but i dont want to sacrifice the taste of the food. so im going with ur recipe. thanks!

  20. kuya may i ask… pano kung gsto ko xang gawing pambenta… i read na kelangan ng curing mixture.. pero sa ibang vids pag may curing mixture wla ng breadcrumbs… and kelangan pa atang ilagay sa ref for a period of time.. help me naman,… i really want to know pra pang business.. thanks!

  21. I’d like to commend you for making things easier for people like me who has just started to take interest in cooking. This embutido is so easy to prepare (thanks to your precise instructions on video) and is sooooooo delicious.
    Hats off to you and your wife,especially to your mom for sharing such sumptuous recipes. Cheers!

  22. You could use tomato paste, Chinks. The main purpose of the tomato sauce is to add more color to the meat and taste is just secondary.

  23. Hey Laura, how’s everything going on? Thanks for commenting…please expect a ton of recipes more. Have a great day!

  24. I decided to try your Embutido recipe last night and my husband and I loved it! It was delicious! Thank you so much for sharing your love of cooking with us! It was so good! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

  25. you are the best I really dont know how to cook. My husband’s relatives are surpirsed yhow i learned how to cook. thanks a lot

  26. first time i saw the imbutido akala ko only my mom can do it but when i saw it n your recipe i cant believe that its easy as spring roll..ha ha ha ha..until now my mom wonder how or where did i learned all the process….thanks again…..you really help us a lot…thanks……

  27. ur the best! good job!

  28. Hi Mirasol, noted po. Subukan natin yang request mo soon. Paki abangan na lang.

  29. Thanks sa suggestion, interesting…subukan ko next time yang sinabi mo, I’ll let you know of the results.

  30. This looks great – nice video too! This recipe is slightly different than the one I’m familiar with (which my parents made growing up). It didn’t include cheese but I bet it does allow for additional flavor!

  31. Hi ate Cliane. Thanks din sa walang sawa mong panonood. Have a good one too.

  32. mija, ikaw na ba ngayon ang official cook ng magkakaibigan? I’m glad at nagustuhan nila ang Embutido natin.

  33. Welcome Liza, were happy to help.

  34. Hi Mai, please feel free to use any meat that you. Just so you know, chicken and turkey are best substitutes however beef is fine though the texture will be a little different.

  35. Sure thing. Where are you located? I could give you a range in USD

  36. Thanks for commenting chris. Kamusta dyan sa Saudi? Hinahanda ko na ang mga rekado for palabok and will post soon.

  37. Congratulations Ging! I’m glad at successful ang mga trials mo. Sana di ka magsawang bumisita at mag comment.

  38. I made ds last decmber 31 2011…it was great,i cnt believe it turned out that delicious!thnx for sharing this recipe!!!

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